Yeah, Sure

June 17, 2010

A young-dude former drug addict gets abducted and forced at gunpoint by some other young dudes to drive around with them and drink booze and smoke drugs. What’s the over-under on how long it takes for “abducted and forced at gunpoint” to turn into “relapsed”?


19 Responses to “Yeah, Sure”

  1. Aren’t drugs, like, expensive? Why would someone waste their hard-earned drugs on forcing some dude to use them?

  2. MonkeyPox Says:

    Good question.

  3. El Picador Says:

    Initial reports claim it was really vuvuzuela-point.

  4. El Picador Says:

    Who’s the fucking chimp? Don’t you have enough damn monkeys in this zoo?

  5. MonkeyPox Says:

    Monkeys and chimps are not the same thing, physiodouche

  6. MonkeyPox Says:

    My bad…that was El Picadouche…

  7. skeptifem Says:

    Strangers wouldn’t do this. Some tweekers would do it to their friends and their ex friends who are trying to recover. They try to rope people into their little tweaker friendships so that they have a new life to leech off of all the time. They know how an initial investment can return.

    Maybe junkies do this too, but I didn’t know many heroin addicts growing up so I am not sure.

    I don’t believe the linked dude’s story at all. I bet honkies will buy it generally, though. You know why.

  8. Isabel Says:

    “I bet honkies will buy it ”

    What the fuck is wrong with people?

    It’s “honkies” now?


  9. Isabel Says:

    Skeptifem is a trailer park crack whore!

  10. bikemonkey Says:

    Tch, tch Isabel. Watch the classism. The preferred term is “gated community tennis bracelet whore”

  11. ginger Says:

    Tweekers are people who use meth (methamphetamine), not people who use crack (free-base cocaine).

    I am kind of surprised that you’re using derogatory terms for poor people and sex workers, Isabel, even to insult someone who’s using a derogatory term for white people.

  12. Isis the Scientist Says:

    “Skeptifem is a trailer park crack whore!”

    Isabel really is embracing her new colored woman identity. Nice work.

  13. Dr. No Says:

    Oh, this happens to me at least once a week. I didn’t know I could call it getting “abducted”…nice.

  14. Isabel Says:

    Sorry bikemonkey and ginger, I guess I’ve been hanging out out Ed Brayton’s “liberal progressive” blog too much. It’s a perfectly acceptable term over there. It simply means “stupid racist”.

    And I was being sarcastic.

    And skeptifem deserved it.

  15. bikemonkey Says:

    Ed Brayton’s douchey commenters are not like the enlightened, witty and urbane community here. Why would you go slumming over there?

  16. skeptifem Says:

    Way to shit on drug addicted sex workers. I am not a crack whore because I am lucky, not because I have some kind of superior character. It is only an insult if you think that they did something wrong. I am more insulted that you consider that an insult, than that you decided to say it about me.

    You really think I “deserve” your attempts to hurt my feelings? Think about what that means. No one deserves for you to try to hurt them. Thinking like that means you need help for your problems. It is an example of distorted thinking- where everything is black and white (like that I am a bad person, deserving of emotional harm), and where you are better than other people (like people at dispatches and zuska’s). You elevate your concerns to the level of importance where people MUST do as you say regarding them. It is really irrational and must be very emotionally taxing for you. The pattern where you take every criticism as an attack or an attempt to discredit you is evidence of this also. I am not trying to attack or insult you, I do not think of mental illness as a character flaw or a reason to dismiss you. You probably won’t believe me but I am not trying to say anything negative about you as a person in telling you this. I would want someone to tell me. I have made a point of not replying to you because I don’t want to feed into your obsessive behavior.

    This will be the last time I reply to ya. I hope that you end up doing better in the future. The Feeling Good Handbook is a really good guide to untwisting your thinking about the world and relaxing a bit, if you don’t want to talk to someone else about it. Good luck.

  17. Isabel Says:

    I knew Skeptifem reminded me of DuWaynne. Now I think they are the same person.

    What a self-important crack whore!

    You missed THE WHOLE POINT of my message, asshole.

    I NEVER use insults like that except for really obnoxious people who, like you, think they are better than others and use insults like “honkey”. Did you get the whole reference to the other blog? Did you read the thread there?

    Hahaha what a self-important, humorless little twit.

  18. Grumpy Says:

    My roommate in college tried to give this exact same story when his urine test showed up positive for crack (he was on probation).

    I tried to tell him that nobody ever believes any excuses for failed drug tests, but he wouldn’t listen.

    It probably bought him a few more days of smoking crack before he was sent to treatment while they sorted things out.

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