NIH Peer Review Revealed

June 18, 2010

What the fuck is up with the cheezy porno music? And what the fuck is some austrofrench motherfucker who can barely speak american doing in charge of CSR?


4 Responses to “NIH Peer Review Revealed”

  1. drugmonkey Says:

    we really have to make our own version, holmes.

  2. zoubl Says:

    Please do (make your own version). I’d like to see what REALLY happens at these review sessions. It doesn’t matter that the PI is a big cheez? Bullshit. As is the statement about the program officer providing “advice”! The person I deal with is some dumb shit that doesn’t even go to the study section meetings.

  3. carol Says:

    I watched the video and find the”porno music” appropriate to the subject being tackled. It appears as if that CSR (whatever it means) has a very international corporate face (kind of an updated “melting pot”).

    BTW, the dangerous blonde Kate is the persuasive American inviter that gets reinforced by the charm of the austrofrench accent and further specified by multifaceted American voices. Nice job !.

    Life is a cabaret CPP, so……..

    Come taste the wine,
    Come hear the band,
    come blow the horn
    start celebrating,
    your table is waiting

    Life is a Cabaret dear PP
    so come to the Cabaret !

  4. “… the decision is based on scholarly merit, and science, and innovation.”

    Really? I seem to recall my summary statements talking about the lack of senior PIs to “keep an eye on me” and how I hadn’t actually all of the fucking work I had proposed in the grant.

    Scholarly merit, science, and innovation my big fat ass.


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