Fuck You, Lady Gaga

June 20, 2010

Apparently bullshit corporate swill music marketing shill Lady Gaga bullied her way into the Yankees clubhouse after a game this weekend:

Following the Yankees’ loss to the New York Mets on Friday night, Lady Gaga talked her way past security and into the Yankees’ clubhouse. She reportedly met with some players, including Robinson Cano. The media, which is supposed to be allowed into the clubhouse 10 minutes after the final pitch, was held out.

“That was the wrong time and the wrong place,” Cashman said. “It’s been taken care of.”

The New York Post reported on Sunday that Yankees co-chairman Hal Steinbrenner was furious at the display Lady Gaga put on in the clubhouse — dressed in a half-buttoned Yankees jersey and a bikini bottom, she swilled whiskey and fondled her chest, the Post said, citing sources — and that Steinbrenner had permanently banned Gaga from the team’s clubhouse. Cashman downplayed that, but added that the Yankees have other places in the Stadium where players can interact with celebrities.

Lady Gaga is not “edgy” or “bold” or “creative”. Her music is unlistenable garbage that panders to the lowest common denominator of losers who want to feel “cool” while listening to what a bunch of fucking accountants and marketeers tell them to listen to. And her “wild” antics are completely fake corporate marketing bullshit designed to sell cheap-ass corporate crap to rubes and naifs. The Yankees should totally ban her stupid fucking ass from the clubhouse, just for being so fucking boring and predictable.

40 Responses to “Fuck You, Lady Gaga”

  1. becca Says:

    Thanks for reminding me how GREAT Lady Gaga is! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    hahaha you sound like a butt hurt pussy who just had their poster pin up fetish tore up and shoved up their ass !
    Come try and kill me you little pussy bitch. 🙂


    lady gaga is the only person that can actually pull off yellow hair lol

    uhm lady gaga is not trashy . you think she dresses like this and dances like this couse she wants to ? no ! she has to do it for her coriagropher . shes unique and weird to be completely honest (not hating cuz i am a BIG gaga fan) but she is her own unique self and you dont have a right to judge her . all i have left to say is , if you dont like gaga then dont listen to her music and dont watch the videos ! your wasteing your time if you dislike her . i personally love her music so fuck you


  2. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Are you out of MFJ?

  3. MFA Mama Says:

    Dude why all the hate?

  4. bioephemera Says:

    Come on, we all need bad romance, unwearable platform heels, and self-indulgent, illogical music video epics now and then. Besides, Lady Gaga was able to unite my dysfunctional problem-solving team together for almost 20 minutes of camaraderie a few months back. (Yes, MFJ would have created even MORE camaraderie, but we can’t all be as effective as MFJ – not even Lady Gaga.)

  5. skeptifem Says:

    Well, Madonna is getting old. Someone had to take her place.

  6. DAMINK Says:

    I agree. Fuck lady Gaga.
    @skeptifem LMFAO

  7. —“….completely fake corporate marketing bullshit designed to sell cheap-ass corporate crap to rubes and naifs”—
    That describes the steroid era (that succeeded in reviving baseball!) pretty well. Haaahhahahahahahaha!

  8. r Says:

    mlb and the yankees are the same corporate entertainment bullshit chasing $$$ as corporate entertainment bullshit music. yankees also have one of the biggest frontrunning fanbases in the world, so they are a lot like lady gaga in that respect too. and they both really suck. there really is no difference except you like one of them.

  9. octogalore Says:

    I’m one of the few who totally and completely agrees with you on that, PP.

    I just put up a new post and would love your opinion on it from the male POV, if you have the time and inclination!


  10. LadyDay Says:

    I’d have NO idea that this happened if it weren’t for you, CPP. Are you sure you’re not a closeted fan of Gaga?

  11. Thank you for saying this, Comrade. That talentless transsexual mutant freak can “sing” about as much as *I* can — actually, back when I could drink, I *did*, once or twice, hit the same note as Aretha on this one certain song, so I guess that it was an off-kilter analogy.

    NONETHELESS, why are people still, in their 20s, 30s, 40s, so fucking MALEABLE to the evil fucking MARKETING SCUM, who convince them (with very little difficulty) that some overrated, lip-synching CLUB KID is a “performer”???!?!?!

    Ann & Nancy Wilson, where are you? Where is Joss Stone? Jennifer Hudson? ARETHA?!?!? Breaks my fuckin’ heart to see Joan motherfucking JETT playing the gawdlessawful CASINO CIRCUIT!!!!!! Where is the respect for the women who hacked their own paths through the bullshit jungle of corporate “music”? Where are the women who get there on TALENT and SKILL, rather than INFLATABLE COSTUMES?!?!? “Lady” Gaga is NOT David Bowie. Shim is NOT Madonna, and even Madonna wouldn’t be Madonna without the same computer software that made Britney Spears.

    I don’t want to see some nekkid boy-body freak with a triple-bagger face, IF SHE CAN’T EVEN ***SING***. If she was a three-eyed, one-legged, mole-covered HOBBIT, it wouldn’t matter, IF SHE COULD REALLY FUCKING ***SING*** and/or REALLY play an instrument. Put this twinkie up against Irma Thomas, Big Mama Thornton, Bessie Smith. Put her up against JANIS FUCKING JOPLIN.

    She ain’t squat. I wish that there WERE more women coming up through the ranks, but of course, corporate radio CONSULTANTS don’t wanna play “CHICK BANDS,” which is why Album-Oriented Rock was SLAUGHTERED in ’94, but now it’s coming back… and yet, somehow, MINUS the pioneering women who innovated and re-invented rock & roll, blues & soul. Apparently, all female performers (unless you listen to DISCO SHIT) are relegated to “Adult Contemporary,” which is radio-speak for BLAH BLAH BARF BARF CELINE DION VOMIT BORING-AS-FUCK SISSY SHIT.

    Real women don’t wanna hear that shit. We want REAL ROCK & ROLL, DAMMIT. And if anybody mentions that murdering, diseased, illiterate skank and her “HOLE” as “rock music,” there WILL be bloodshed.

  12. bikemonkey Says:

    Whoa. Haterade over here.

  13. What a facile, shallow, immature response to something that SHOULD matter — the utter destruction of American music by corporate whores who assume that women have to sell their BODIES, doesn’t matter if they have TALENT or not, it’s alllll in the AutoTune box — but MEN, oh, MEN can do ANY and EVERYTHING.

    Actually, in the Bushista cultural disaster-era, women are all “GIRLS,” and males are all “MEN.”

    Says a lot about you, with the childish response, the cutesy little blog-speak, the simplistic stupidity of the finger-pointing cliche.’

  14. becca Says:

    @Anntichrist S Coulter- I hope David Bowie’s omnipresent package fucks you right in your ear. It’s not like your hearing could get more defective. Also, your disgusting cis-centric bigotry = epicfail

  15. Phledge Says:

    Word, becca, plus ableism and a nod to the fuckability quotient with “triple-bagger face.” Although I do agree–it’s pitiful that Joan Jett plays the Sahara.

  16. Mo Says:

    Can we not refer to trans people as mutants or freaks? THANKS.

  17. I never said, nor should it ever be inferred, that “Lady Gaga” stands in for, speaks for, or in any way represents all of ANYBODY, be they ugly chicks, guys who look like chicks, transsexuals, transgender people, transvestites, or Transylvanians.

    SHE is the freak. Talentless attention-whore FREAK. Hope that she breaks an ankle in those 14″ heels. If she was actually born a “she,” which we may never truly know, so the use of personal pronouns is doomed to be inexact.

  18. Pursuit Says:


    Talking about how she wormed her way into something or her lack of talent/creativity/originality (subjective as always) or her being a corporate puppet is one thing… but attacking her identity of transwoman is a grand show of your cisgender privilege… and that’s when I draw the line.

  19. skeptifem Says:

    GTFO. There is never a good reason for the word “she” to be in quotation marks, except in this sentence.

    You don’t understand what yer saying when you throw stuff around like that, and you are insulting a bunch of trans people. When you are told that you are the respectful thing to do is shut the fuck up, not deny it.

  20. ginger Says:

    In the past five years, Joan Jett’s opened for Def Leppard, Green Day, and Aerosmith, and she went on the Warped Tour. If she’s doing the county fair circuit, it’s by choice. Don’t worry about Joanie, Annti – her career is alive and well.

    As to Lady Gaga – well, it’s hitting below the belt, so to speak, to fret about whether she’s chromosomally female or not. She identifies as a woman and she lives as a woman. (An artsy fartsy, weird, attention-dependent woman, but a woman, nonetheless.) Whether she’s musically talented or not, her identity is female and it’s shitty to claim that her musical ability or lack thereof has anything to do with her transexuality or lack thereof.

  21. I don’t get why anyone gives a flying fuck about Lady Gaga’s gender identification or whatever. It’s no one’s business but her own, and it’s got nothing to do with the fact that her schtick is fucking BORING.

  22. BikeMonkey Says:

    the childish response, the cutesy little blog-speak, the simplistic stupidity of the finger-pointing cliche.’


  23. Livvy Says:

    leave gaga alone shes an amazing talented woman wot the fuck is yur problem? yur either jelous or obsessed with her. probably both. honestly do people like you just get off on saying shit like that. yu might not like her music but clearly other people love it. so maybe you should just go and get a life rather than trying to ruin or object to someone who does?

  24. […] 3, 2010 Parody, or no? leave gaga alone shes an amazing talented woman wot the fuck is yur problem? yur either jelous or […]

  25. Katharine Says:

    Shorter Livvy:


  26. everybody Says:

    fucking lady gaga

  27. jason Says:

    its stupid easy “music” so stupid easy ppl listen to it, to say that lady gaga has talent is a spit int he face to real artists. I see 10 000 ppl sing better than her on american idol every year haha i love how ppl just worship this joke when she clearly is just a mass produced marketing tool

  28. jason Says:

    go read her lyrics lol and tell me how creative and original she is

  29. jason Says:

    ppl rant because were tired of seeing this ugly transexual everywhere we look, the only thing worse than us who are putting her down, are die hard losers on here who defend her hahahaha at least brittany spears was hot and christina aguilera could actually sing, those were popstars i could tolerate at least

  30. skeptifem Says:

    GTFO out jason, you woman hating piece of shit. No one gives a damn what women you deem good receptacles and what ones you don’t. Thinking that potential receptacle status is what makes women ‘tolerable’ is really fucked up. Women are people, not a selection of meat socks for you to judge solely on fuckability.

  31. jason Says:

    your an idiot…go hit up google look up some lady gaga lyrics and tell me ur 4 year old cousin couldnt write it, i got a beat maker on my laptop so maybe if i dress like a broke drug addict and utilize my sub par singing voice i can be a star to

  32. Lady Gaga is The Best.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you to “LG”, suck as much as the morn below.

  34. Then you love the new CD. FUCK YOU LADY GAGA.
    hahaha! Perfect!



  36. Wolf Says:

    @ SKeptifem

    I hope the oppressive male patriarchy is in power for another 1000 years just to piss you off, you dumb cunt.

    Fuck you, and fuck LG.

  37. Katharine Says:

    Thank the commenters on this thread for reminding me how obnoxious anything under the age of 18 is.

  38. County forever Says:

    GaGa is a fucking skank whore and needs to be burned at the stake. She has no talent except to energize retards and mouth breathers. Burn in Hell, Bitch!

  39. Anonymous Says:

    right on dude. fuck lady gaga up her stupid ass and all of societies drones who listen to her stupid senseless “music” any fucking person can sound good with auto tune. stupid cunt!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    anyone that like lady gaga is terribly brainwashed. what a sick and sad society.

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