Polling The Readership

July 3, 2010

Parody, or no?

leave gaga alone shes an amazing talented woman wot the fuck is yur problem? yur either jelous or obsessed with her. probably both. honestly do people like you just get off on saying shit like that. yu might not like her music but clearly other people love it. so maybe you should just go and get a life rather than trying to ruin or object to someone who does?


9 Responses to “Polling The Readership”

  1. queenrandom Says:

    I think what started as a performance art parody rapidly became the usual hollywood self-absorption, although I really don’t see a difference between this and other celebrity attention whorishness. I can’t get all that worked up over it. Yawn. Still love the Teeth video though, but that has very little to do with the music.

  2. GMP Says:

    When I read “polling the readership,” I though you were participating in the annual “dear readers, identify yourselves’ meme 🙂
    Don’t care about Gaga, I must say…

  3. Dr Becca Says:

    queenrandom, I think CPP’s “parody” question is not about Lady Gaga herself, but about whether the comment quoted (from another post) was written in earnest or as a joke.

    It’s pretty good, but the “xx” makes me think it’s probably a joke. Also, I mean, this person seems to be genuinely hurt by what CPP said about Gaga, which I find kind of hard to believe.

  4. El Picador Says:

    PP should definitely go and get a life. Because I’m sure “xx” has a much better example…

  5. gnuma Says:

    I’ve noticed CPP seems a little jelous of Gaga, too — why give 2 shits about the Yankees stunt unless yer pissed to not have thought of it? I mean, srsly, wtf, and zomg. [Regardless, happy 4th!]

  6. yolio Says:

    Are you really so culturally check out that you don’t recognize the Leave Britney Alone meme??!! My god, you people have no culture:


  7. El Picador Says:


  8. LadyDay Says:

    Just imagine “CPP” in place of “Lady Gaga” in the earlier scenario. As in:

    “…the display [CPP] put on in the clubhouse — dressed in a half-buttoned Yankees jersey and a bikini bottom, he swilled whiskey and fondled his chest…”

    He’s already swilling MFJ most days, and CPP may have a Yankees jersey that he can “half-button,” but does he have the bikini bottom?

  9. ginger Says:

    Oh, thanks a LOT for that image.

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