Cordoba House

August 8, 2010

The only people complaining about this don’t even live in fucken New York City. Listen up you hateful fuckbags: we New Yorkers’ll be the ones to decide what the fuck to do in our own motherfucken city. Now fuck off. And GO YANKEES!


6 Responses to “Cordoba House”

  1. skeptifem Says:

    Wow, you’re from new york? Never woulda guessed. Nope… never.

  2. kenny Says:

    Neither would I, skeptifem

    However, this is good news! CPP is alive !!!!!. He is neither sick nor sad. He probably wrote the post while having a “hangover siesta”.

  3. pfsoressa Says:





  4. ginger Says:

    As an As fan, I’m obliged to reply “Yankees SUCK” – but as a marginally decent human being, I’m obliged to reply “Even if non-NYers were entitled to an opinion about Cordoba House, which they’re not, Cordoba House is a great fucking idea that will promote peace and understanding and the no-GroundZero-Mosque thing is complete RACIST BULLSHIT.”

    Truly, though, Yankees fans eat babies.

  5. Eleanor Says:

    I agree that the Cordoba House Project sounds like an excellent idea to celebrate tolerance and universal admiration for those humane ideals that go beyond any specific creed. Making a contemporary copy/symbol of Spain’s Córdoba Mosque in NYC does not feel like appealing and worth the effort.

  6. Kaija Says:

    Amen, brother (except for the Yankees part…go Sox!). The beauty of NYC is that crazy mix of everything on the same block…the crazy Red Staters can keep their hate in their own backyard.

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