Holy Fucken Fucke!!

August 12, 2010

Didde you know thatte iffe you putte a Youtube URL in a WordPresse commentte, itte embeddes the motherfucker!?!?!?!?!?!?

TRY ITTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16 Responses to “Holy Fucken Fucke!!”

  1. SetOculus Says:

  2. Oh, fail. Too much wine toniiight.

  3. drugmonkey Says:

    WTF is up with the Olde BelgioWelshe spelling, my man?

  4. Odyssey Says:

    I think his “e” key must be stuck.

  5. skeptifem Says:

    Yeah, deal with it.

  6. zoubl Says:

    You would do it, too:

  7. Roberta Says:

    Wow !. Yes indeed, holy fucken fucke

  8. veganrampage Says:

    Cuz google mated with tube and owns the Uni-tube?

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