August 22, 2010

Poor fucken Lou Pinella is crying his fucken eyes out.


2 Responses to “Aww”

  1. Mr. Candid Engineer, Ph.D. Says:

    “I’m never going to put on a uniform again.” Boo fuckin’ hoo, Lou. It would have been better if he got thrown outta his last game — took off his uniform and thrown it at the ump — then walked off into the sunset….that would have been awesome!

  2. Irishirritant Says:

    Comrade… like your takes…no fuckin way around this, I get to NY every 40 years or so, like good bar men…would want to know where the Scib works…from fekin MN it’s tough to figure out and I might cut my return time to virtual single didget years…any clues…
    Sorry about your club.

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