Cat Brains

August 27, 2010

Cat brains are little cause-effect computing machines: If I lie on my back looking all cute, then some asshole will come over and rub my fucken tummy.


13 Responses to “Cat Brains”

  1. Historiann Says:

    Cats are smarter than people. How many cats do you know go to work to buy people food while people sleep all day at home?

  2. jc Says:

    whutte? no kyoote pixxe?

  3. anonymous Says:

    First “fucken,” now “Jamesonne”? Maybe someone else caught this already…

  4. Camilla Says:

    Cats are smarter than people, YES, indeed except that they don’t talk, they meow and I would like to understand what they want when they insist in meowing. It is very frustrating not being able to communicate.

  5. Kaija Says:

    And the paper sitting thing. If you put a postage stamp on a football field, a cat will come over and plunk its butt right on it…

    The modern equivalent of this is feline latop sitting.

  6. Kaija Says:

    Er…”laptop sitting”

    (Pardon my typos. I’m maneuvering around a large cat for access to the keyboard.)

  7. Yeah, and if I walk arounde meowing for no fucken reason, these assholes in my house will lose their junke running arounde trying to figure out what the probleme is.

  8. skeptifem Says:

    They only meow to people, not other cats. Weird, huh?

    The cat I got when I was 8 is still alive (fourteen, outlived her son). My poor mom is taking care of it because I can’t have pets. It keeps pooping in her shoes. It is named after the cat in homeward bound. It is the worst cat ever. It scratches at the door and then won’t go out. Her claws don’t retract so she gets stuck to the carpet.

  9. AnneC Says:

    One thing I’ve found useful is to try following the cat when s/he is meowing. One of my cats (Shadow) has a habit of sitting/standing there yelling at me until I get up, at which point he will trot off in some direction, and by following him I can find out what he wants. Sometimes it’s food but other times it’s random stuff like “don’t sit at your desk, come sit on the kitchen floor and pet me and oh hey look out the window! Birds!”

  10. AnneC Says:

    Well in the wild (including in feral colonies) you don’t usually get adult cats outside the fighting or mating contexts meowing at each other. But cats raised in human homes to be tame will often meow at each other well into adulthood, especially if they’re littermates. Part of that whole “retained juvenile behavior” thing…they grow up less inhibited when they’re not constantly having to be on guard for their survival, I guess. My 3 ex-feral sibling kitties are just over a year old now, so technically adults, and they still “call” each other to play, etc.

  11. One thing I’ve found useful is to try following the cat when s/he is meowing.

    Useful to who????

  12. AnneC Says:

    CPP: re. “Useful to who”….hmm, perhaps I used the wrong word. “Effective” would have been a better choice, as in, “this method may be effective if your goal is to figure out what a cat is trying to communicate with his/her meowing”. Apologies for the incoherence.

  13. Katharine Says:

    What is it about everyone wanting to suddenly talk about their cat the moment people post about a cat?

    It’s weird.

    Fuck vertebrates, I want to talk about octopuses. 😛

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