September 28, 2010

On to the post-season!


September 28, 2010

I DEMAND that the Yankees win this fucken game tonight! OR ELSE!


September 27, 2010

is AJ Burnett’s fucken problem? And WTF is that fucken foghorn fucken home run noisemaker in the Blue Jays’ fucken ball park?


September 26, 2010


Family Values

September 26, 2010

Fucken right-wing lying scumsucking shitbag:

Mr. Paladino cheerfully told reporters that he believed he had enough time to sway voters downstate, though he grew slightly snappish when one reporter asked about interviews his wife has given in recent days, touching on her feelings about Mr. Paladino’s fathering a child during an extramarital affair.

Anti-American Greedfuckes

September 26, 2010

Grotesque greedfuckes who whine about a modest rollbacke of Bush-era cuttes to the highest marginal tax rate are objectively anti-American scumbags. Their uncontrollable greedy impulses outweigh their desire to see less fortunate Americans have an opportunity to live with some degree of dignity. These disgraceful morally bankrupt pieces of human garbage should go fucke themselves repeatedly forever infinity.


September 26, 2010

h/t Balloon Juice.