September 3, 2010


6 Responses to “Head”

  1. Historiann Says:

    I want that dress, but I could do without the giant hangover head mask.

    (I’ve got one of those already.)

  2. LadyDay Says:

    I suppose this “art” appeals to the Bergdorf Goodman customers that either 1.) enjoy purchasing fine art and pretending to really appreciate it, when it’s really just a safe investment for their money in these hard financial times (think Dallas oil money, shopping around in NYC), OR 2.) wish they could be wealthy and “sophisticated” and purchase clothing that indicates that they consume art like the uber-rich.

  3. BikeMonkey Says:

    Is that supposed to depict Glenn Beck macking on Sarah Palin ? Oh you crazee arteests.

  4. It’s not “art”. It’s a marketing display in a fucken store window.

  5. LadyDay Says:

    Exactly, CPP. And, how many women are brainwashed to think that fashion is art?

    Here’s a blog about the “art” in the earlier storefront window you showed:


  6. LadyDay Says:

    And, forgot to add this blog about the window “art” you show here.


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