Question For Readers

September 5, 2010

Anybody have any opinions about Shun Classic kitchen knives? Anybody got kitchen knives they fucken love? I like to cut with something that feels very solid in my hand.


22 Responses to “Question For Readers”

  1. Global knives are sweet, but pricey. Haven’t played with the Shun Classic stuff.

  2. queenrandom Says:

    I like my Wuesthof classics. They’re nice and heavy.

  3. Henkels, different grades but even the cheapest ones are pretty sweet

  4. geeka Says:

    I have an anolon sankotu that I love. I’ve had it for ~5 years. Solid in hand, full metal tang. I’ve had it resharpened once, I keep it up with a home honer, keeps an edge well. Comes with it’s own sheath.

  5. I can’t afford anything fancy but I do love to cook.
    My advice is find one that fits your hand and just “feels right” I don’t care if ya get it at the Dollar store.
    Grind down a fucking machete if that’s what works for ya.
    I do have two that I really like, I inhereted them from my Grandmother and they are old school Hill Billy knives with hickory handles.
    Nothing fancy but they work great and hold an edge very nicely.
    To each their own but they are still nice knives.

  6. Dr. O Says:

    I have several Henkels and they’ve been great, but the Wuesthof we got for our wedding a couple of years ago has been phenomenal. I’d try out a few versions from both brands to find ones that “fit”.

  7. namnezia Says:

    Get the highest grade of Wusthof you can find – In The Broadway Panhandler in SoHo they can also recommend a bunch of different brands.

  8. Kate Says:

    Wusthof and Henckels are the ones I own too, mid-range in price. They’re great!

  9. I’m with PLS, I have a Global Chef’s knife and a boning knife those are some manly fucking knives! Plus they are easy to sharpen too.

  10. drugmonkey Says:

    I’m with busted. brand is meaningless, apart from getting you in the quality ballpark you want. once you are in the right place for a decent hunk of steel, all that matters is the shape and balance for your particular hand. find the right knife shape / balance and you will find yourself using it for 3-4 jobs they supposedly make the whole knife set for.

  11. LadyDay Says:

    Wusthof (black wood) Ikon series. Just remember to oil the handles to prevent them from drying…. And, sharpen those blades, of course.

    Sharp knives are extremely important to have around the household.

  12. bikemonkey Says:

    this guy knows about knives

  13. Namnezia Says:

    Hahahahaha!!! Just don’t fuck with the wrong… Mexican!

  14. Sxydocma1 Says:

    We have a set of Henkels which we love, but we also have one Global knife which is the bomb.

  15. cookingwithsolvents Says:

    I have two Shun knives and I love them. I have the kind with all-metal construction, eg.:

  16. Sam Cohen Says:

    Wüstoff, but you HAVE to keep them sharp. Find someone who sharpens knives professionally. You may have to send them off to be sharpened, but they come back sharper than razor blades. Steel them every time you use them.

  17. bustedsbro Says:

    Daughter went thru a cutco phase. They’re sharp as hell and hold there edge but expensive. Have three henkels that I love to work with and while I was commercial fishing found victornox is the best pearing knife.


  18. timmyboy Says:

    idiots. really. the best-value knifes are kuhn rikon from switzerland. and u can gettem for nothing at marshalls.

  19. Dr. Crazy Says:

    Late to this but it’s worth noting that knives tend to go on sale around Christmas time, and you can get REALLY good deals on what are normally very pricey ones. I got my Knives of Tenure (Wusthof Culinar, plus one extra Wusthof santoku knife also from the Culinar line) for like $500 total, when normally all of those knives would have cost me around $1500 or more. In other words, if you really want a nice *set* of knives, waiting for a couple of months could get you a very nice set for much cheaper than if you bought right now.

  20. bluefoot Says:

    Henkels Pro-S are the way to go. Mine are a joy to use: sturdy, hold an edge really well, and well balanced for hours of continuous use. I’ve had my chef’s knife for nearly 10 years, and have never once had to resharpen it. A quick hone is all it’s ever needed.
    Some people I know, including myself, have had bad luck with Wustof knives – they’ve been overtempered (or under-hardened), and couldn’t maintain an edge at all.
    People with smaller hands swear by Global knives. The handles are slightly smaller than most brands. They’re well-balanced, and I’m told they hold an edge very well. Plus they look pretty badass. 🙂

    Try out a few different brands and styles, see what’s comfortable. If you’re left-handed, pay attention to the bevels on the knives. Some knives are beveled only on one side, and can only be used with the right hand (for instance, many sashimi knives).

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