September 8, 2010

Why does eache armpitte have ittes own distincte aroma? Left-flora and right-flora?


8 Responses to “Ponderable”

  1. CoR Says:

    I’ve read other reports that L and R hands of the same individual share only about 17% of the same phylotypes. Don’t really know about armpits.

  2. MM Says:

    ‘Tis not so, My Lord. For they both smell just as sweet.

  3. timmyboy Says:

    honestly, who gives a shit

  4. Noticed a couple of hours ago that my right pit smells Far worse than my left, although I can’t remember if I got both this a.m. with the deodorant.

  5. skeptifem Says:

    mine both kinda smell like onions. ???

  6. ginger Says:

    My axillae smell basically the same, but one is furrier than the other.

  7. becca Says:

    the same reason one of your moobs is bigger than the other

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