September 12, 2010

Can someone please explain to me some legitimate reason why Andy Reid took all of his fucken time outs with over five minutes to go in the fucken game?


5 Responses to “WTFF!?!?!?!?”

  1. juniorprof Says:

    No, but can you tell what Alex Barron is doing playing in the NFL?

  2. QueenLame Says:

    because, like all R5 fuck-stick-cunt-suckers, he’s trying to unite my father and I against a common enemy

  3. Nat Says:

    If I had to suffer through Andy Reid as my team’s coach, I think I’d just slit my throat instead. Less painful.

  4. bikemonkey Says:

    When you explain why dog abuser Vick is playing on national teevee…

  5. r Says:

    mike lombardi doesnt know why either.

    “Childress learned from Andy Reid, who ranks as my all-time worst game manager …”

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