Tough First Half

October 30, 2010

Revise and Resubmit

October 30, 2010


October 30, 2010

100% rice shochu aged for one month in cedar casks. This shitte is DA BOMBE!

Reversing Momentum

October 24, 2010

Eagles-Titans game today is one of the most extreme reversals of momentum I have ever seen in a football game. Fucken fucke.

Fall Continued

October 23, 2010

This whole Juan Williams thing is a perfect fucken example of how fucken puketastic the Democratic Party is. For the Republicans, every time the Democrats or anyone who can be associated with the Democrats–like some NGO or a low-level govt bureaucrat–does the slightest fucken obscure little thing that can be spun appropriately (which is basically everything on earth), the Republicans come out with fucken guns blazing ready to ATTACK! KILL! DESTROY! IMPEACH! FIRE! DEFUND! everyfucken Democrat and Democratic leaning everyfuckenthing on the face of the Earth. And then the Dems start running around appeasing these assholes hoping the assult will stop. Consequence: Republicans win again.

Some wacked out fucken Republican candidate for the motherfucken CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES states that if the Republicans don’t win congressional majorities it would be appropriate to violently overthrow the motherfucken FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and the Democrats fucken run away like the fucken scaredy-cat little crybabies that they are, because they are so fucken afraid of being called “shrill” or “intemperate” by the Republicans and the press. Consequence: Republicans win again.

This kind of abject total complete lack of any fucken spine at all is nauseating. Independently of any policy issue concerns at all, who the fucke wants to support a political party that won’t even stand up for its own political power? SACKE THE FUCKEN FUCKE UPPE, YOU DUMSHITTE INEFFECTUAL ASSHOLES!


October 18, 2010