October 1, 2010

I’m getting fucken bored with this blogge. Anyone gotte any fucken ideas?


13 Responses to “Q”

  1. Phledge Says:

    I dunno, I kinda like what you’re doin’ with the place. Maybe more food blogging? You’re still eating, right?

  2. jc Says:

    We can haz kitteh pix?

  3. leigh Says:

    so take a break for a while.

    or come up with some new material. physioproffian poetry, perhaps.

  4. BikeMonkey Says:

    Nothing has to last forever.

  5. Katharine Says:

    Thoughts a la Jack Handey.

  6. Isabel Says:

    More posts about religion.

  7. Isabel Says:

    Or, dig deeper, below the surface. Who is the *real* Physioprof. What makes him tick?

  8. Beaker Says:

    Buy a new vowel. But are there any good alternatives to the olde Enlishe schticke?

  9. CoR Says:

    OOooooooo I want a cook-off. Cmon. How many dishes can one make with Jameson’s?

  10. Have some guest bloggers. Alternatively, *be* a guest blogger somewhere else. You’re candid enough for my place, dude.

  11. DrugMonkey Says:

    Isis kicked his ass so hard with the original recipe war that it kinda killed that particular golden bloggy goose…

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