October 3, 2010

Anybody who’s watching the Eagles-Deadskins game, what the fucke is uppe with the pink shoes, gloves, and chinstraps some of the players are wearing?


7 Responses to “Q”

  1. lost academic Says:

    Breast cancer awareness, man.

  2. Phledge Says:

    Yes, footballe players are alle about teh boobies.

  3. Nat Says:

    If Andy Reid were my team’s coach, I think I’d kill myself.

    A delay of game penalty after a frickennne time out? What?

  4. The announcers only mentioned it like all damn day dude. Breast Cancer Awareness. They’ll be doing it all month.

  5. Sounds like fucken marketing bullshitte to me, cause who the fucke isn’t “aware” of breast cancer?

  6. That’s probably the point dude. Sell pink merch, pocket sizeable sum, give rest to research. Win/Win I suppose, though the NFL already has some deep pockets.

  7. Nat Says:

    Remember we’re talking about a country where 20 something per cent believe Obama is a muslim.

    Don’t underestimate the lack of awareness of…well…just about anything.

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