Fucken Deranged

October 4, 2010

Some fucken douchebagges called the National Collector’s Mint are selling 10th anniversary 9/11 commemorative medallions with an inlaid bas relief rendition of the World Trade Center towers “made from silver recovered from beneath the ashes of the World Trade Center ruins”. WTFF!?!?!?


5 Responses to “Fucken Deranged”

  1. Odyssey Says:

    Beyond deranged. Assholes.

  2. Katharine Says:

    And I thought religion had the monopoly on getting stiffies about dead people.

  3. Juniper Shoemaker Says:

    They’ve been doing this for years! Practically since the day after.

  4. Dr. Cynicism Says:

    Yup. Juniper is totally correct, I remember seeing these commercials 1 year after. It made me sick to my stomach. (Glad I found this blog; funny stuff!)

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