350 Bucks

October 17, 2010

DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go is the best fucken 350 smackeroonies I’ve ever spent: every single fucken NFL game streamed in HiDef video on the Internet. YESSS!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: PhysioWife just reminded me that she bought if for me for our wedding anniversary, so there you go.


6 Responses to “350 Bucks”

  1. Do you have DirecTV as your regular TV, or can you get the football package separate? ‘Cause that would be cool.

  2. If you attest to the fact that you are not eligible for DirecTV service at your residence, you can buy this Internet package without having DirecTV service. It is the fucken BOMB.

  3. Dude have you Red Zone Channel. It will blow your fuckin mind.

  4. That is more than a weeks unenjoyment for me.
    You have a good woman who loves you.
    Tell her I said hello and Hi yerself dude.

  5. Have you checked out the Red Zone?

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