Science Cheerleaders

November 24, 2010

There has been some discussion of the Science Cheerleaders movement to teach young girls that they can totally embrace their femininity as cheerleaders, while still being scientists. Personally, I think Science Cheerleaders kickes motherfucken asse!

I fucken love HOTT chicks with awesome racks and booties and I thinke science cheerleaders is fucken awesome! This way when I’m hangin’ with my bros and my bros are all like, “Dude, you’re such a science fag, hangin’ with all those fugly dykes and hairy lesbians in the lab”, I can be all like “Yo, bro. Am not!” And then I show them the science cheerleaders Web site and viedos and be all like “See, dude! Check out the fucken tits on this one Iggles cheerleader! Tell me you wouldn’t tap that!!” And then my bros are like, “Yo, dude! You are so right, bro! Smokin HOTT!”

Cheerleading is fucken totally awesome because it means that not only do we get to watch totally fucken awesome dudebro sports, but also get to check out hott bangable chicks dancing around and shakin’ it! And it’s great for the hott bangable chicks because they get to meet awesome dudebro athletes and stuff. And later on, we get to fantasize about those hott bangable chicks as if they were meeting *US*!

Accordingly, science cheerleaders is totally fucken awesome because it means that not only do we get to run gels and shitte, but we get to check out hott bangable chicks dancing around and shakin’ it! And it’s totally awesome for little girls, because they will learn that if they grow up to become hott and bangable, they could get to meet not only awesome dudebro athletes and stuff, but they might also get to meet science fags like *ME*!

Furthermore, when dudebro athletes visit schools, the boys are all like, “Yeah! That dudebro athlete has hott bangable cheerleader chicks dancing all around and cheering for him! That must be totally fucken awesome!!!” Now science fags like us get to have hott bangable chicks dancing around for *US* and not just for awesome dudebro athletes!!!!!111!!!111!!

I think it’s totally fucken awesome that little girls are taught as young as possible that if they make sure to grow up to be hott and bangable, they’ll get lots of positive attention from dudebro athletes and science fags alike.


12 Responses to “Science Cheerleaders”

  1. jc Says:

    The mansplainers are united over there in edumatiated librul nice d00dville. ugh.

    I wonder if the SciCheerleaders realize the d00dz they are cheering for have shitforbrains.

  2. Thanks for the back link!

  3. Are the Science Cheerleaders DTF?

  4. FrauTech Says:

    You fuckingge rawk CPP!

  5. Phledge Says:

    There is nothing quite as stimulating as watching someone wield their privilege, in the snarkiest, most high-larious manner possible, to leverage for the oppressed. One more reason I check you out every day, CPP.

  6. Arikia Says:

    After I read that I had to check your banner because for a second I thought I was on 4chan!

  7. beatrice Says:

    Dear CPP,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and all the best for the rest of the year. And thanks for your posts, all the laughs, love and mentoring.

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  10. MaryK Says:

    CPP, you are totally fucken awesome.

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