Teaching Evaluations

November 28, 2010

If you were attemping to design the worst possible method of assessing teaching effectiveness, it’d be pretty fucken hard to outdo student evaluations. Students haven’t the faintest fucken clue what good teaching is about, they don’t know what they need to learn, and they don’t know how to judge whether they are learning it.

Do armies poll their basic trainees to see if their drill sergeants are going a good job? FUCKE NO!

9 Responses to “Teaching Evaluations”

  1. Dr. Cynicism Says:

    Love it! And in total “fucken” agreement. I love when students start asking questions before I leave the room about “what does this question mean?” Fills me with overwhelming confidence in evaluations in general.

  2. Spiny Norman Says:

    Best advice I ever got: *you* tell *them* what to write. No, you dumbasses, don’t say “write this.” Tell them, “You’re going to learn a tremendous amount of material in this course. It will seem like a lot but you’ll be amazed at how efficiently we get through it.” And like magic, those words will appear in your evals. Seriously: you can tell them what to write, and if you do a bit of repetition, it will show up in your evals.

    I shit. you. not.

    Does it prove that student-eval system is bogus? Of course it does. Is it helpful in advancing your career and your reputation as a teacher? Of course it is.

    Downsides: reification of a bad system; simmering resentment from senior faculty who have never gotten evaluations as good as yours, and never will.

  3. DWH Says:

    Sounds like you’re a little worried.

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  6. becca Says:

    AHHAHAHAHA that is the most fucken hilarious blithering jibbity defensive posturing evar! “oh, not only are my students idiots, but I know what is (or rather, *isn’t*) in their own tiny pea sized brains better than they do! And to think they might not give me the awesomest!111eleventy evaluations EVAR for it is just PROOF (PROOF!!!) that those evaluations are flawed! Cause it obviously couldn’t be my teaching. Or attitude. No. Those have NO FLAWS AT ALL HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY AUTHORITAH?!!!”

    Get out of education, jackhat. Or go read some John fucken Holt and learn the difference between brain washing soldiers and educating people.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Amen, CPP.

    The best proof of this is how incredibly easy it is to manipulate the students into giving you great evaluations, with or without actually teaching them anything.

  8. vegofish Says:

    Negative evaluations, hmmmm?

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