Conservative Consistency

December 1, 2010

Stan Collender–a very smart dude, but living in the past–doesn’t understand why “conservatives” are all for fiscal restraint and government efficiency, yet against red-light cameras and TSA body scanners. He thinks these “conservatives” are being inconsistent, because red-light cameras and TSA body scanners are automated devices that make it cheaper, easier, and more efficient to catch red-light runners and (for the sake of argument, but not really) prevent bombs from getting on planes, and thus a positive in terms of government fiscal prudence.

However, there is abolutely no inconsistency at all when you take account of the psychology that motivates current day “conservatives”, which is that of greedy petulant children. *They* should be completely unobstructed in pursuing their own ends without any government interference—-i.e., “freedom from tyranny”–and the government should lavish spending on *them*–i.e., “essential government services”. However, those they consider “others”, the poor, non-whites, foreigners, intellectuals, liberals, muslims, etc, should be subject to intense government scrutiny and control–i.e., “protecting our freedoms” and “keeping us safe” and “maintaining accountability”–and the government should spend nothing on them–i.e., “eliminating fraud and waste” and “shrinking government”.

This then explains exactly why these “conservatives” dislike red-light cameras and TSA body scanners: because they fail to discriminate in providing the “freedom from tyranny” that conservatives demand for themselves while still “protecting our freedoms” and “keeping us safe” and “maintaining accountability” in relation to the poor, non-whites, foreigners, intellectuals, liberals, muslims, etc. These devices are equal opportunity and fail to provide greedy white assholes the privileges they demand.

And this also explains exactly why “conservatives” drive themselves absolutely shitnuttes apoplectic about Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi traveling by privileged means that absolve them of having to deal with any TSA screening at all: Because those privileges are for supposed to be for the enjoyment of greedy white dude asshole Real Americans, and not some elitist liberal cunts.

7 Responses to “Conservative Consistency”

  1. Kaija Says:

    This post is full of win…nails it pretty well, IMHO. I think I may print it out on index cards to hand out at extended family gatherings and otherwise pleasant social outings with otherwise smart but ideologically misguided/privilege-denying Libertarian friends.

    Or as my dad used to say (quoting some old Western flick), “There’s laws for you’uns and there’s laws for we’uns…and they ain’t the same!”

    And John Boehner got to skip the intrusive TSA procedures when he flew last week so, yeah, hypocrisy.

  2. veganrampage Says:

    Hate hate hate them all. Why do middle class idjits fall for their bullshit endlessly?

  3. vegofish Says:

    “For the sake of argument, but not really” pretty well sums up the progressive scumbag position on most of the issues.

  4. veganrampage Says:

    Speaking of scumbags please find Rove, Karl and Co., doing what he and Co. do best, buying elections becasue they truly despise democracy as was made Krytsal Karl Klear via Wikileaks.
    Thank you extremist right wing activist Roberts supreme court for Citizens United. They reversed 100 years of precedent cuz they felt like it.
    Oh and vegomatic? Three rules. Fuck you. Shut up. Shut the fuck up.

    Conservative Juggernaut American Crossroads Finished Election Season With Fund-Raising Flourish

  5. Katharine Says:

    Rich fatass businessman troglodyte with no idea how rational people with a sense of ethics live says what?

  6. vegofish Says:

    Ahhh, the view from the ivory tower must be splendid, eh kate?

  7. Mark Says:

    Right. And, by the way, I’m sure you are aware that all the airport security measures in the US have not caught a single terrorist. A few nutcases, but no terrorists. Not one. So it’s working, right? And I have a perfectly functional lion repellant device in my backyard and I can offer it for a mere $5,000. I have not seen one lion in my backyard since I installed it.

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