E – A – G – L – E – S! EAGLES!!!!111!11!11!11!!11!!

December 19, 2010



4 Responses to “E – A – G – L – E – S! EAGLES!!!!111!11!11!11!!11!!”

  1. chall Says:

    Times like yesterday is when I remember yet again why I LOVE watching football 🙂

  2. r Says:

    i dont get it. you obviously root for the correct football team, what is up with your moral failing of rooting for the yankees?

  3. I did not get it that you were also an eagles fan. It’s Kismet, CPP.

  4. Urban Exile Says:

    Did you see the moons of Jupiter? And how can you really root for the Yankees? Cliff Lee turned down and extra several wads of cash NOT to go to the Yankees. Rethink, Comrade! Go Eagles!

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