December 29, 2010

17 Responses to “Crustaceans”

  1. EngineeringProf Says:

    That’s a lot of dead bottom feeders

  2. leigh Says:

    i just ate a whole fuckton of crustaceans. they were lovely. but not quite as neatly prepared (disassembled?) as shown here.

  3. Spiny Norman Says:

    Yeah, that looks like Dungeness, which is what we had the night before.

  4. skeptifem Says:

    thats quite a pile of animal corpses. gross.

  5. beatrice Says:

    It doesn’t look very appealing to me CPP

  6. genrepair Says:

    Dude I just got a food boner looking at that.

  7. Isabel Says:

    Privileged Prof enjoys the best life has to offer!

  8. El Picador Says:

    crustaceans used to be the garbage food the blue collar white fishermen had to eat after selling the desirable fish to the upper crust. just sayin’

  9. Isabel Says:

    Haha, so true, El Picador. I just needed a tie-in to the cartoon; it reminded me so much of “Comrade” Physioprof when I came across it recently.

  10. Katharine Says:

    As long as it ain’t cephalopods.

    Eating octopus is like eating toddlers.

  11. Katharine Says:

    You are a TIRESOME fucking gasbag, Isabel. Remind me why you post here again?

  12. Isabel Says:

    Haha so spiritless you cannot even enjoy a cartoon. It’s GREAT animation, ahead of its time. And very relevant.

    Remind me again why you bother getting out of bed in the morning? Who cares to be reminded that you hate everything?

    No one even likes you around here. Get lost!

  13. Isabel Says:

    Though this one is the best

  14. becca Says:

    Toddlers are chewier. Not recommended.

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