Happy Motherfucjen New Year!!!!11!!1111111!!!LEBENTHY!!11!!

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to all my friends in blogtopia, including science bloggers, political bloggers, humanities bloggers, and every one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16 Responses to “Happy Motherfucjen New Year!!!!11!!1111111!!!LEBENTHY!!11!!”

  1. Happy 2011 to you, too, CPP.

  2. Bring on the motherfucking pork.

  3. Dr Becca Says:

    “Motherfucjen” is an interesting twist! Can we expect 2011 to be less Canterbury Tales and more IKEA?

  4. leigh Says:

    happy 2011!

    still working on sobering the fuck up after the physiofestivities last night?

  5. When I saw it was 1/1/11, I immediately thought of you! ELEVENTY!!!111!!!11!!

  6. anon Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Good observation!

  7. beatrice Says:

    Me too !!!!!!!. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

  8. genrepair Says:

    May 2011 bring you notices of award, copious amounts of motherfucking Jameson, and much FWDAOTI.

  9. SilverFingering Says:

    Happy New Year, CPP. Please, continue to waterboarding with your ideas until the bloody grant proffers !!!!!!!!!!!!. We love you CPP, in spite of yourself.

  10. Disciplined Imagination Says:

    Add a grain of Salty Tango and be on top of the game!. Watch !!

  11. Katharine Says:

    I thought I’d let you know, CPP, that you have a challenger in Science Blogger Who Uses the Most Four-Letter Words on the Internet.


  12. Historiann Says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is to top both you and zomgscience for profanity blogging. For realz.

  13. scribbler50 Says:

    Happy New Year, Prof, you continue to rock. Or is it roll?

  14. granthunter Says:

    I would say you continue to waterboard !!. Except that my protein of interest stopped finding sense at all……….Screww

  15. Pharm Sci Grad Says:

    Back at ya, CPP! 🙂

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