Stupid Questions

January 7, 2011

Jim Harbaugh just asked in his presser about taking the head coach jobbe with the 49ers:

Jim, did you make your decision last night or this morning?


3 Responses to “Stupid Questions”

  1. Vacationing Postdoc Says:

    Gee, that sounds like exciting news!. I bet Jim made the decision for the move…
    Shit, does anyone know for sure ?… My sister is in the road and locked me out of the house…No TV to check it out.. And all the bars are closed now in Bahamas….I’d better go for a swim and get ready to get drunk in a few hours once my bloody sister gets back…….

  2. tinfoil hattie Says:

    I’m late to the game (ha-ha), and my comment is so off-topic, but: here’s one you forgot, CPP:

  3. Walker Says:

    HAHAHA, that’s funny !!!. Poor Charlie, who never returned….

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