Start Spreading The News

January 16, 2011


7 Responses to “Start Spreading The News”

  1. ianqui Says:

    That’s right, bitches.

  2. anon Says:

    Word. Shithawks and Tom Brady both got their comeuppance – act like a bitch, cry like a bitch.

  3. EngineeringProf Says:

    DA Bears! Can’t wait for them to trounce the fudge packers next week.

  4. Pascale Says:

    Gotta cheer for the jets and Brad Smith, an MU Tiger!
    Of course, my heart is with Da Bears ultimately.

  5. veganrampage Says:

    Isn’t that QB on the Jets the sick fucker? And the Jets keep protecting him, so he and hi ilk can continue?

    Sincere question: how do sports fans reconcile this shit with the enjoyment of professional sports?

  6. ianqui Says:

    @Veganrampage–The Jets QB Mark Sanchez is a clean-cut guy (as far as we currently know). You’re probably thinking of Brett Favre, who was with the Jets in 2008.

  7. Dennis Says:

    Going off the name, I wonder if they’re thinking of Michael Vick on the iggles?

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