Peeve of the Day

January 21, 2011

For motherfucken fucke’s sake, when you send a fucken e-mail announcing a motherfucken seminar, could you put the motherfucken date, time, location, speaker name, and title in the re: line and/or text of the motherfucken e-mail and not just in a motherfucken attachment? Is this too much to fucken aske?

Do you really think it is a good idea to send a seminar announcement in an e-mail with the re: line “Seminar Announcement”, no text at all in the body of the e-mail, and a ten motherfucken megabyte TIFF attachement?


10 Responses to “Peeve of the Day”

  1. Pascale Says:

    I especially like getting an embellished announcement either too big to open on my Blackberry, or so large that when you zoom in on the letters they can’t be read.

  2. physiobabe Says:

    Major, major pet peeve for me too. Don’t need all the flowery/logo intense design on the announcement. Simply write the pertinent info in the text of the e-mail, thank you.

  3. El Picador Says:

    Drawing and quartering was invented for a reason.

  4. Abel Says:


    Those people deserve the same hell as those who send a note with “FYI” and a huge scroll of gibberrish until you actually get to what you think the message might be.

    Is it too much to ask to briefly distill the gestalt of the message and put it into the context in which I should give a fuck about it???

  5. Phledge Says:

    It is too much to fucken aske.

  6. Isabel Says:

    “Is it too much to ask to briefly distill the gestalt of the message and put it into the context in which I should give a fuck about it???”

    This is how I feel when people post links in place of a comment on a thread, then get offended that I didn’t follow their links. Just distill it so I can decide whether I want (or still need) to follow your stupid link.

  7. tideliar Says:

    But some hapless fukkene admin douche spent a whole week designing the shitass fukken flyer. Why would you then take the information offfe that and put in the email!?!? Everyone knows academics don;t fukken do anything, they just exist to make admin’s lifes difficult.

  8. Miss Outlier Says:


    I fail to see why fliers are even designed anymore – I see advertising posters in the hallways for social types of events, but I NEVER see printed flyers for seminars. So why make the admin fucken make the flyer??

  9. ginger Says:

    Ooooh, I get a half-dozen different seminar series announcements, and each has a different pile-of-shit collage of ugly stock photos for the flyer. Hate.

    God, it would be AWESOME if the admins just sent around a five-line plain text e-mail with title, speaker name, place, date and time. You know, I would value the ability to copy-and-paste straight into my calendar a lot more than I cherish photo-ready “artwork” made of images only tangentially related to the seminar subject matter.

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