Totally Fucken Hilarious Catte Shitte

January 28, 2011

How cattes react when you invade their personal space.


5 Responses to “Totally Fucken Hilarious Catte Shitte”

  1. Phledge Says:

    Also: catte shitte is hilarious when itte is spelled “catte shitte.”

  2. Bobby Says:

    Is there a video to fucken ilustrate it?. I am missing disciplined imagination.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Hey Bob, Does it help?

  4. Actually, I think it is just painful. Note to self: cat does not like it when you put laundry in front of her.

  5. beatrice Says:

    Cutie kitty after taking her for a pedicure…

    Jumping all over the sofa looking at her nails……..

    Watch what a pedicure can do for you physyocatte

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