Sausage Radiatore

February 5, 2011


one pound hot italian pork sausage
one pound radiatore
one 28 ounce can Muir Glen crushed tomatoes with basil
one cup diced onion
eight cloves garlic diced
olive oil
300ml full-bodied sake
salt and peppa to taste
grated pecorino romano

(1) Remove sausage from casing and sautee on medium in about two tablespoons of olive oil until fully cooked, breaking up with woode spoone as you cooke.

(2) Remove sausage from pan and put aside on paper towel to absorb excess grease.

(3) Depending upon how much grease is left in pan, add more olive oil if necessary, and sautee onion until translucent on low-medium heat.

(4) Add garlic and continue to sautee until garlic and onion are starting to carmelize. Add some fresh ground black pepper while sauteeing.

(5) Deglaze with sake, and reduce until alcohol is gone.

(6) Add crushed tomatoes and turn up heat to medium-high. Throw radiatore in boiling water and allow to boil for nine minutes (or whatever the brand you buy tells you). Simmer sauce vigorously until tomatoes start to break down, and then add sausage. Cook for a few more minutes until it looks like sauce and add salt to taste.

(7) Put drained radiatore in with the sauce and finish together for a few minutes.

(8) Eat the fucken shitte with some pecorino on itte!

31 Responses to “Sausage Radiatore”

  1. El Picador Says:

    Dude, ease up on the deathgrippe on the sake!!!

  2. JLK Says:

    I wonder what completely random-ass direction the comments on THIS one are going to go in….

    Is the sausage symbolic of your belief in male dominance? I don’t know……only the other commenters can tell us…….

  3. Sxydocma1 Says:

    CPP. That looks delish. Could you substitute a white wine for the sake? I’m going to make this shitte this week!

  4. You can absolutely substitute dry white wine for sake. The only reason I used sake is that I had a bottle already open, and not a bottle of white wine.

  5. Ya need more Sake fer Christs sake.

    That or Jamesons.

    The beauty of being the cook, a little is good, more is better and too much is just right.

    That shit looks delicious man.

  6. Isabel Says:

    snarky snarky. There is nothing random about it, JLK.

    Remember the old rule “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

    While you were out having your baby, Nails/skeptifem and Physioprof got me banned from one of my favorite blogs. It was all based on a lot of lies.

    Exposing hypocrisy is a full-time internet job, not something one does at approved times, in approved places.

    Don’t worry, it will all make sense eventually.

  7. Funky Fresh Says:

    Yeah, JLK. Why did you waste your time having that baby when you could have been commenting with Isabel on the internet? Your life is so meaningless compared to hers.

  8. Dr. O Says:

    Ah, and I thought Isabel had disappeared on us. So great to see ya, crazy! 🙂

  9. Isabel Says:

    In what way am I crazy, Dr. O?

    I wasn’t going to say anything, because unlike you I am not a rude, woman-hating asshole who just randomly blurts these things out, but you seem to have a few issues yourself, 😉

  10. That looks SOOOOO wonderful. Do want!

  11. Sxydocma1 Says:

    Thanks CPP!

  12. Katharine Says:

    Don’t you have a job of some sort, Loony?

  13. Isabel Says:

    Another upper-middle class snob/parasite. Aren’t liberal progressives wonderful? I’m so glad they are modeling for us simple-minded, racist rubes how to be “good” people!

  14. Funky Fresh Says:

    Next time, you should make that with woodchuck. It is the food of Isabel’s people.

  15. Isabel Says:

    Fucky Fresh instinctively knows that that sort of bigoted comment is allowed, even encouraged on “good liberal” Physioprof’s blog.

    Hey Fucky, you can even make sexist remarks here, as long as it’s about a woman that Privileged “comrade” Physioprof doesn’t like. For example saying she’s “crazy.”

  16. Phledge Says:

    Isabel, why…why are you here? I mean that honestly, without judgment or taunting. You seem unhappy here, and I can’t see how your presence is elevating anyone else. I generally don’t say much to you because I’m not constantly on this blog, but just recently you seem to be derailing the posts and comments. What do you wish to accomplish here?

  17. skeptifem Says:

    Do you cook anything that doesn’t have dead animals in it?

  18. skeptifem Says:

    I’ve tried what yer doing here before, it doesn’t work, she just hates you more for saying anything. Don’t waste your caring about people unable to admit they have a problem. It will just frustrate the hell out of you eventually because it will get thrown back in your face. Whatever answer you will get about why she makes obsessive replies about things in the past on unrelated posts, you can be 100% sure it has nothing to do with her, its all the rest of us being totally evil and blah blah blah. I straight up asked her if her behavior had anything to do with getting banned from IBTP (which included berating people in unrelated posts like she has done here), and she could not fathom a way that her posts contributed to it. It was completely my fault, according to her, and comrade physioprof apparently. Completely. Even though jill, who banned her, said it was because of obsessive replying in unrelated threads. With the amount of time she spends talking about it I am sure she saw what jill said and disregarded it as being unrelated to why she was banned, preferring instead to blame CPP and I for it. Its fucking crazy. She hasn’t done anything wrong ever, see. There isn’t a point in discussing things with someone that convinced that they are right all the time. Its narcissism or something, I don’t know. Either way, don’t waste yer time. I care a lot but I don’t have infinite patience, and there are a fair amount of people out there who never change and just have to be avoided.

  19. Funky Fresh Says:

    I don’t think it’s sexist when you really are crazy.

  20. Isabel Says:

    Jill did not say ” it was because of obsessive replying in unrelated threads.” She said it was because of comments that came too close to “white supremacy” which is a complete lie. Your entire post here is a pack of lies. You clearly instigated it. You provided links etc. Are you now denying that? Unbelievable. Now you are changing the story! And “caring” ? wow are you deluded!

  21. Isabel Says:

    “Isabel, why…why are you here? ”

    This made me laugh.

    Hey Phledge, life isn’t all about “happiness”.

    I care about our future. Why are you here? To have happy times with your friends? That’s nice:)))

  22. Isabel Says:

    Funky Bigot:

    I’m not sure it’s ever appropriate to call someone crazy. At least not for a liberal progressive. Anyway, I am not crazy, so it is just a way to dismiss my views.

  23. Isabel Says:


    The serious answer is I am trying to start a class war. Bikemonkey said the pundits were trying to repress all talk of a class war, so I thought we could discuss it over here. But apparently not.

  24. Phledge Says:

    Ah, thanks, Skeptifem. And I see that her replies pretty much solidify what you’re describing. I can safely ignore anyone who gets banninated from IBTP, really.

    Buh-bye, Isabel. Chatter all you like.

  25. Isabel Says:

    I’m not “chattering” – far from it – and what I said was true. Nails is lying, but no one is going to be at all surprised if you believe her, and reveal your question to me to be insincere. Nice. Goodbye yourself loser.

    You are the internet cops who now have to live with your own lies and prejudices, like the typical hypocrites that you are. I’m sure you are used to it. AT least I have a clear conscience.

  26. Isabel Says:

    So now Nails is rewriting history, and denying her own actions in silencing another persons opinions. And her little friend Phledge believes every lie she spews, and they congratulate themselves on being so much better than the white supremacist (in their extremely over-heated imaginations) Isabel. Congratulations girls!You are such good, superior people! The average American can be thankful you shining lights can show them the way to liberal progressive salvation! Hahaha.


  28. Isabel Says:

    “I’ve tried what yer doing here before, it doesn’t work,

    Hahaha I missed this lie. You tried what? Never happened. Not once.

    ” she just hates you more for saying anything”

    Nope, all because of your hateful actions in getting me banned that I am addressing you. And I hardly hate you, nails dear. You are the one spewing all the hate.

  29. ginger Says:

    Funky made that joke (well, okay, possums instead of woodchucks) on the Fusilli thread three days ago, and you didn’t rise to it. Did you not see it, or did his repetition crack your resistance? (Did you see that Jill just banned all male newcomers, however well-read and well-meaning, from commenting at IBTP? At least you are no longer alone.)

    This is largely irrelevant, but The Joy of Cooking had recipes for small North American game meat as late as the 1975 edition, and that sucker sold 18 million copies over the years.

  30. Isabel Says:

    That’s a fair point Ginger, squirrels may be a tasty dish, but I don’t think that was the spirit of Funky’s remark.

    And yes, I did see that our dear Physioprof’s been grandmothered in at IBTP, and that he lost no time in flaunting his specialness by leaving at least two comments on the first “dude-free” thread. Tacky.

    As far as Funky’s previous offensive, bigoted remark, I was waiting for someone else to say something…

  31. Funky Fresh Says:

    Skunk? Is skunk more appropriate? I gotta admit, as a foie gras eater myself, I don’t know much about Appalachian game meat.

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