More Twitter Nonsense

March 3, 2011

A blogging colleague is trying to decide whether to continue to “resist” twittering, and a bunch of mopes are trying to talk him into “embracing” it. One of their stupid rationalizations is that twitter is a great way to access the scientific literature and that it is really good for fostering actual science. What a fucken sad joke.

As far as, “twitter helps me stay abreast of SCIENZ”, this is ridiculous. I stay abreast of science by being part of a community of scientists who share information with one another in a selected directed fashion (and by reading the tables of contents of a relatively small number of journals). I have e-mail and voice discussions with people on a daily basis about important new science. I visit other institutions and attend conferences to deliver seminars and meet with people several times per month. I know about new important shit before it even gets published. If I don’t know about something, and it ends up published in some shitball journal I’ve never even heard of, then it is certain to be scientifically irrelevant.

This whole idea that we need MOAR INFORMATIONZ, and that in the onslaught of a massive flood of information floating around on the Internet we need SOCIAL TOOLZ to filter that information is a fucken joke. What we need is LESS INFORMATIONZ; the flood is just a distraction and a waste of time. And the proliferation of more and more and more journals publishing more and more trivial garbage is something to rue, not celebrate.

Gibberish like twitter has *zero* effect on the conduct of actual meaningful science and the flow of information among actual scientists publishing their work in reputable journals. I need to know about some article published in some fucken journal I’ve never heard of like I need another fucken whole in my head. Twitter may be great for amateur science enthusiasts to get each other all excited about some new science coming down the road, but for real scientists doing the actual work, it is a complete waste of time.

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  1. Vellum Says:

    Unless your colleague wants to organize a flashmob of scientists to do a pro-teaching-evolutionary-theory dance at your local shopping mall. Then twitter is the way to go for sure. 😉

  2. Bijan Parsia Says:

    I’m meh either way. Like most things, it can help or it can do nothing. The firehose qualities clearly point to various utility collapse scenarios for e.g., scientists (more than the info flood, the “interrupt” mode can be a huge problem). So, like chat and email, it can interfere with getting into the zone.

    OTOH, it’s cheap and easy to get set up and to maintain. If you get stimulated by the constrained format, it could be helpful. It’s a bit better than chat in that there’s a shared log (so uris). It’s obvious worse than chat in almost every other way.

  3. katiesci Says:

    I like it because it broadens what I’m reading. I tend to only read papers that are directly relevant to my research but I end up reading papers that are tangentially or not at all related and I think that’s awesome.

    Also, I was against Twitter too until about two months ago.

  4. geeka Says:

    While I think that twitter can be a useless information overload at times, there are good aspects:

    1. The #icanhazpdf is an easy way to get a paper that your institution doesn’t have access to.

    2. Freebies. Some companies do discounts/freebies via twitter. (not mine, sadly).

    3. Non-traditional fellowship/job listings. I alerted a friend to a knitting scholarship, that I or she wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

    4. Quick answers to the things that everyone is supposed to know but you can never find a reference to. For the life of me, I know what percentage B cells are at in PBMCs, I can’t give you a reference, but I know from experience. What about the newbie? They can post a question akin to that and get a good reference. In the same vein, it’s also good for troubleshooting an expt, finding another vendor if yours has something backordered. None of these things are going to be easy to find if you google them. But an easy “Hey, does anyone know where I can get x from, b/c invitrogen has it backordered?”, saves time and effort.

    So, while I see that it can be information overload, if you can see the value and personally set your value (i.e. not tweeting about Charlie Sheen), it can be a useful tool.

    (by the way, your google ad is about no nonsense pantyhose).

  5. The #icanhazpdf is an easy way to get a paper that your institution doesn’t have access to.

    That’s great to know that twitter is an excellent tool for large-scale copyright infringement.

  6. Nat Says:

    And here we have a nice example of the Matthew effect in science.

    Do you and your priviledged network of friends give each other reach arounds as you whisper about the HAWT unpublished science in each other’s ears?

    WTF do you even care if other people actually get something from communicating on Twitter? Sure, your network communicates one way, other people’s communicate another way.

    In any event, this post would much have been much better as a tweet.

  7. Odyssey Says:

    Damne righte CPPe!

  8. Dr. O Says:

    Normally, I wouldn’t bite, but I’m in quite the grumpy mood this morning, and you hit a nerve. I think it’s great that you have a wonderful network of scientists established, and the ability/funds/time to visit people in this network on a weekly basis, and the right *friends* to find out about science before it’s published. But some of us mere mortals need an extra bit of help contacting these people and finding information. Additionally, some of us believe that science performed outside of our immediate circle of influence aren’t “certain to be scientifically irrelevant.”

    Also getting papers is not always a matter of copyright infringement. If my uni has a journal in their library but not online, and I get a PDF from a tweep to save time and get more important things done rather than traipsing across campus, I don’t see that as a slight of hand. And if a paper is being used for educational purposes, e.g., as a discussion piece for a journal club presentation, I’m not even sure that copyright infringement really applies. (Although, unlike some people, I can admit I might be wrong on this very last point.)

  9. anon Says:

    “If I don’t know about something, and it ends up published in some shitball journal I’ve never even heard of, then it is certain to be scientifically irrelevant.”

    A blatant demonstration of lack of scholarship. I’ve seen articles in published in glamor mags that seem to ignore previous work on the same topic published elsewhere, in lesser known journals.

  10. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    “If I don’t know about something, and it ends up published in some shitball journal I’ve never even heard of, then it is certain to be scientifically irrelevant.”

    Funny, but at the same time pathetic.

  11. I visit other institutions and attend conferences to deliver seminars and meet with people several times per month.

    Several times a month? “Matthew effect” indeed (Nat nailed it). In an age where the political noose quickly wraps itself around the neck of science, these sorts of soundbytes make me cringe.

    My own institution was asked to cut back on travel by over 25% this year … the request had a two-fold purpose. First, to cut down on the PERCEPTION that money was being wasted by traveling when other alternatives (e.g. webinars) were available. Second, that money cut from travel could be repurposed for research.

    No one is arguing that travel isn’t good or necessary. It is both, under the PROPER circumstances. Shooting the shit (even science shit) with people is not something I’d consider necessary, especially if it could be done just as easily over email, webinar, or *gasp* Twitter.

  12. Twitter McTwit Says:

    If this were twitter, my response would be:

    OMG!!! You’re a fucking dinosaur. I bet you still pipet by mouth. Let me tell you that I have read plenty o’ shitty science in Nature/Cell/Science and excellent papers in ‘shitball journals’.

  13. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    Gregor Mendel published his seminal work on geneticsrk in Verhandlungen des naturforschenden Vereins Brünn, an obscure “shitball journal” of the time. If you’d been around in the 1860’s, I guess you and your buddies would have missed it. Wonder what seminal works you’re missing today?

  14. Namnezia Says:

    @TJ: “Shooting the shit (even science shit) with people is not something I’d consider necessary, especially if it could be done just as easily over email, webinar, or *gasp* Twitter.”

    Are you fucking kidding!?! Shooting the shit is ABSOLUTELY necessary to conducting science. How do you think most collaborations and new ideas are born? Certainly not by twitter (…”Oh sorry I only have 140 chars. to explain my idea…”), or email or “webinars”. Most of my collaborations arise after someone visiting my university gives a kick as seminar, or after I give a seminar at another institution, or at meetings while having a beer. And no, you do not need to be in some elite circle to benefit from these interactions (I’m certainly not). Tweeting, to me, only gives the appearance of meaningful interactions, mostly it is a waste of time.

  15. Namnezia: And you travel to multiple universities to give multiple talks, multiple times PER MONTH (a la CPP)? If so, I’d say you’re wasting time, get the fuck back in the lab, and do something about the fucking collaborations you’ve already struck up.

    I never said (reading comprehension, please) that travel was unncessary. Going to meetings, and then striking up conversations (over beer or the beverage/food of choice) to get collaborations if a necessary part of work. But most people go to one, maybe two meetings a year. Most people give maybe a couple of seminars a year. Most people aren’t traveling all over the fucking country multiple times a month. Capeesh?

    If you want to travel that much, pick up a fucking phone or shoot off an email.

  16. It looks like this post is heading off topic to a rant about elite PIs at R1 schools. This might actually be telling of the situation that exists in Twitter. So far, the only useful post IMHO is by geeka, who actually listed some advantages gained by using Twitter. It seems like it might be of some value to those working in the science business, but none of those things seem very helpful to a PI. I have a Twitter account that I use occasionally, and I have yet to come across anything of any academic value. The journals that post on Twitter have all of the same info on their websites, which I can browse without the added distractions. There really isn’t that much technical info on there (depends very much on the friends you already have). And I don’t know if I can trust the information given there (would you cite someone that calls themselves douchecanoe?). I would love to have someone post one concrete example of real science progress made by using Twitter. (I’m trying to envision Watson and Crick tweeting to each other)

  17. I’d say you’re wasting time, get the fuck back in the lab, and do something about the fucking collaborations you’ve already struck up.

    Dumfucke, I’ve got a lab full of people “doing something about the fucken collaborations”. My fucken *jobbe* is to go around and drum shitte uppe. Get a fucken grippe. You amateur science enthusiasts have no fucken idea how real science gets done. It ain’t by some fucken pipetman jockey jackeing offe at the fucken bench.

  18. Spiny Norman Says:

    Absolutely, CPP. I don’t travel as much as you because I fucken’ hate traveling, but On all other points you are spot-fucken’-on.

  19. Spiny Norman Says:

    It is good to know. Fuck Elsevier.

  20. Spiny Norman Says:

    He doesn’t mean specialist journals. He means shitball journals. PLoS ONE comes to mind… actually, so does PLoS Biology, now that you mention it.

  21. Spiny Norman Says:

    It is worth to ponder: why lesser-known journals are lesser-known.

  22. DM Says:

    I have, in theory, established a scientific collaboration via the Twitts. I’ll let you know when I see data. The moment I do, your dumbass rant will be falsified.

  23. jc Says:

    “(I’m trying to envision Watson and Crick tweeting to each other”

    watson: yo homey, scored rosies labbook, hydro on the outside, saw xrays and angles. w00t mofo nature!11!1!

    crick: WTF u blabbing about asswipe?

    watson: eat more popsicles we need the sticks

    crick: you eat the fucken popsicles, dont care bout your fucken model

    watson: d00d WE NEED MOAR STIX

    crick: fu

    watson: im a fucken genius

    crick: no ur not

  24. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    All I can say is that I hope that the congressional aides who are figuring out where to cut the NIH budget are reading this blog!

  25. Historiann Says:

    That all depends on who owns the copyrightm, and whether it’s considered fair use. I just learned that I can request that PDFs of my articles can be posted as open-source documents on my uni library’s website–so I don’t think that sharing journal articles is a copyright violation necessarily.

    (I am not an attorney, however, nor am I an expert in copyright law or fair use.)

  26. Nat Says:

    Let me be clear about a couple things:

    1- TJ’s totally whacked if he thinks PIs traveling to other places for talks or PIs and other scientists traveling to conferences is a waste of time and money. That’s almost as crazy as people rambling on about Vatican Assassin Warlocks, which nobody would do, right?

    2- I obviously realize that big dick swinging dick scientists (and also non BSD types) have a network of friends, with whom they share info informally. Fuck, I do, and I’m a peon. And I don’t really have a huge problem with it, even though it can lead to an unfair advantage.

    3- I do have a problem with people judging what other folks find to be a beneficial communication mechanism. Maybe you can’t conceive of the utility they get out of it, but then obviously you’re a pretty unimaginative person. I’m sure you anti Twitter types have Bluehair and Graybeard colleagues who can’t conceive of how blogs could be a useful communication medium. Basically you’ve just aligned yourself with them. Good job.

    4- I don’t even use Twitter, so WTF I am doing here?

    5- I don’t have a problem with reacharounds. Just seems like the considerate thing to do.

  27. Spiny Norman Says:

    Traveling is one thing. Traveling several times a month… well, let’s say that there are several scientists within 50 m of my own lab who have H-indicies north of 80, and NONE of them travel “several times a month.”

    You might consider your carbon footprint, CPP.

  28. Tricia Says:

    Man, you’re so opinionated in a drunk way. You always sound drunk to me, with testosterone overload. I am not a twitter fan but who are you to say there’s no way it adds to scientific enterprise. myob and stop making comments you can’t. You’re a scientists forgodssake, learn to make arguments in a reasoned and rational fashion.

  29. Well then, good thing I didn’t say that. But traveling “several times per month” is either hyperbole, or wasteful.

  30. Nat Says:

    I don’t even have a problem with “several times per month”

    I don’t see it as wasteful, and I don’t see if as hyperbole either.

  31. Isabel Says:

    “If I don’t know about something, and it ends up published in some shitball journal I’ve never even heard of, then it is certain to be scientifically irrelevant.”

    Irrelevant to you. As far as science, you have no idea what you are talking about. You are clearly delusional.

    “You amateur science enthusiasts have no fucken idea how real science gets done. It ain’t by some fucken pipetman jockey jackeing offe at the fucken bench.”

    Yeah, that was Rosalind Franklin’s problem. She didn’t “get” how science is really done. Now Watson, he was the master.

    “You might consider your carbon footprint, CPP.”

    Hey, at least he’s not driving around town in a pick-up truck. That would be “pig ignorant”.

  32. Twit my Twat Says:

    It baffles my mind how you have gotten anywhere in the world of science because you have the imagination and reasoning skills of a dead cow. In this gigantic mass of diarrhea you have thrown around, one summarizes the following: you don’t see the point of twitter in science as a means of sharing information. Do you watch the news at all? Have you seen how these social networks have had the capacity to revolutionize countries and topple dictatorships? Can your little shitball mind be so dense that you can’t imagine what these social networks could do to promote reforms in science and change the minds of common citizens who think that all we do is ‘travel’ thanks in part to dumbshit blogs? Use your imagination and give a fucking welcome to the new millenium dumbass


  33. cackleofradness Says:

    Holy shit. You crack me up.

  34. cackleofradness Says:

    1. BS on Twitter makes me laugh. Laughing is good.
    2. I have been alerted to NIH RO1’s that are currently outside of my area, but something I am heading toward.
    3. It’s a different format for chatting with people who are dealing with the same shitte that I currently am dealing with.
    4. Stop getting worked up about stupid twitter.

  35. […] media I think are effective (like science blogs), other I think have a more limited usefulness (see recent discussion about social media and science). But today, I wanted to introduce a decidedly old school way of disseminating and communicating […]

  36. Spiny Norman Says:

    Total fuckin’ brilliance.

  37. […] recently penned a post in which he basically shat all over the thought of performing the simple act of twittering. I do not have similar issues with […]

  38. Candid Engineer Says:

    I cannot understand how you can go on such a (privileged) rant about twitting while posting about cats and soup on blogs. Why arent blogs noise- generating information overload? You’re pretty hypocritical on this one.

  39. Isabel Says:

    ““You amateur science enthusiasts have no fucken idea how real science gets done. It ain’t by some fucken pipetman jockey jackeing offe at the fucken bench.””

    No wonder you have to be pseudonymous. Imagine if the members of your lab read this. Would they agree, Privileged Physioprof?

    Without them you are nothing. Nothing.

  40. Funky Fresh Says:

    YOU ARE NOTHING!!!!!!!

  41. ginger Says:

    You’re at a bigshot research school in a city on a 10-lane highway linking multiple states, with an international airport. What about people at fucking land-grant schools, or smaller liberal-arts facilities where there’s, like, just a “Biology Department” instead of a “Department of Molecular Biochemistry”?

    And fuck carbon footprint sanctimony. You’re in research science. You use plastic like it grows on trees. If you cared about carbon footprints, you’d be a goddamn bike mechanic or something.

  42. Alice Russell Says:

    are you on cocaine? or just drunk?
    really, i have a hard time believing someone can be so overtly egotistical and nonsensical at the same time without some influence.

  43. drugmonkey Says:

    He’s on a drug called “PhysioProf”. If you try it once, you will die

  44. Funky Fresh Says:

    Your face will melt off!!! Right now PhysioProf is #WINNING!!!!

  45. r Says:

    its always amusing when someone is an “expert” on something he doesnt use or understand and instead of ignoring it, rants on and on about it instead. reminds me of how conservatives hate teh sex because other people are enjoying it and they are not.

  46. Isabel Says:

    What’s really sick, is that scumbags like Drugmonkey are using social media to spread hateful stereotypes about people from less privileged demographics. When will all the hating end??

    Why do privileged, entitled, successful Jews like Physioprof and DM hate ordinary Americans so much? Or is the hating just an act to cover up the scapegoating?

  47. Isabel Says:

    In other (by this point depressingly predictable) news, skeptifem is in fine form over at IBTP. Yep, as usual she is hard at work trying to get people banned- successfully it seems. Not only are all males now banned, Nails has everyone so worked up about trans issues that twisted rich-bitch Twisty has proclaimed a desire to ban half the core blametariat.

    Funny how Nails/skeptifem leaves 247 posts about a subject Twisty has declared off limits, but miraculously *she* has never been threatened with banning. Yet I was banned for three or four short posts defending myself from Nails spurious attacks.

  48. Funky Fresh Says:

    Are you off your meds?

  49. DM Says:

    Which stereotype am I spreading with social media, now, Isabel?

  50. DM Says:

    You need to embrace the entire toolchain, PP. Get with the program.

  51. Isabel Says:

    You are as big a hypocrite as Capitalist Physioprof. Actually an even bigger one for having to ask that question. Are you stupid as well? Or maybe you don’t read your own blog.

    No more benefit of the doubt for you. You don’t care about the social costs of the racist, classist drug war and you enjoy mocking the losers in the capitalist game. But you’re a Jew, so it’s all okay! #jewsrule.

  52. Remember Loonabel: Just because you are a paranoid racist anti-semitic loon, doesn’t mean the jews, niggers, spics, and towelheads aren’t taking over the world.

  53. Isabel Says:

    Jews: the good white people.#jewsrule

    2% of the population, 40% of the billionaires, 60% of Yale grad students, 90% of the liberal progressives, and 0% of the working class: they do it all! #jewsrule

    Want to have your cake and eat it too? Become a Jew!#jewsrule

    Most successful capitalists in the US:Jews. Biggest proponents of communism:Jews.#jewsrule

    Average Jewish income in US 3x’other white’income. Blamed for excesses of American capitalism:rednecks.#jewsrule

    The success of the Jews in the US is matched only by their contempt for ordinary Americans.#jewsrule

    Rich, successful, clannish, and yet, all about equality!#jewsrule

  54. Isabel Says:

    Person who analyzes and critiques and ethnic groups except Jews:Liberal progressive. Person who notices Jews exist:Anti-semetic. #jewsrule

  55. Spiny Norman Says:

    What about people at fucking land-grant schools, or smaller liberal-arts facilities where there’s, like, just a “Biology Department” instead of a “Department of Molecular Biochemistry”?

    I don’t think that Comrade PP falls into any of the latter categories. And our plasticware is grass-fed and humanely slaughtered, I’ll have you know.

  56. Isabel Says:

    That was supposed to be:

    Person who analyzes and critiques all ethnic groups except Jews:Liberal progressive. Person who notices Jews exist:Anti-semetic. #jewsrule

    Also, to address Capitalist Physioprof’s comment above more directly, there are some (conservative Jews, not anti-semites)who appear to be as concerned as I am about the hostile, destructive push for “diversity at all costs for the sake of diversity” that the “progressive” leftist Jews are obsessed with. They conclude that it’s not about an idealistic dream of equality, but about a paranoid desire to not stand out as a minority (because of their history).

    Interesting perspective. What do you guys think?

  57. DrugMonkey Says:

    I think you have partaken of too much CharlieSheen Isabel.

  58. Isabel Says:

    What is that even supposed to mean, Raging Hypocrite?

  59. Isabel Says:

    Jews are smart: 2% of the population -> 25% of the Nobel Prizes. #thingsweareallowedtosayaboutjews

    The Holocaust was the worst incident in human history. We must never allow it to happen again.#thingsweareallowedtosayaboutjews

    Jewish men make good husbands.#thingsweareallowedtosayaboutjews

    Jews are funny!#thingsweareallowedtosayaboutjews

  60. DrugMonkey Says:

    Wait…so “Jews” and “ordinary Americans” are nonoverlapping sets, Isabel?

  61. Nat Says:

    This comment thread was a whole lot more fun when it was railing against PP’s old man whackaloonish ranting.

  62. Hey, leave Adam Sandler out of this!

  63. becca Says:

    Though no one should be surprised. Twitter has it’s own lingo (albeit a simple one) which makes outsiders feel… outside. Thus, CPP responds with random old guy tirade about how he is the most inner circle of the most inner circle!!!11 as far as science goes, so that he doesn’t have to feel- even for a moment, even about something as silly as and accessible as twitter- like he is missing out in any way. This prompts angry replies, in which people project their own belonging (or rather, not belonging) issues onto his self-absorbed charlie-sheenesque pronouncements. Thus, Jews- a group that serves as an inkblot for ones own feelings about belonging.

  64. Isabel Says:

    Nice, but you are over analyzing, Becca. Inkblot for my feelings? wtf?

    I checked out DM’s twitter stream, or whatever the hell it’s called, and AFTER ALL THE THREADS OVER HERE EDUCATING HIM ON HOW OFFENSIVE AND OTHERING IT IS not only by me but by several others, he and his buddies are mocking “rednecks” and how “inbred” they are etc hahaha. Yeah, I know, it’s just a joke. Just like my comments here. Right?

    Btw for those who are giggling and thinking “well they are inbred” I’ve actually looked into in and they are not, no more than anyone else. It is the ugliest form of othering to claim that people in other groups don’t know better than to reproduce with their own progeny, don’t you think?

    Likely the upper classes, Jews, AmerIndians, East Asians, and may others are more inbred. The slur and comments like that, by privileged people who are not part of the group, are EXACTLY the thing that gets people called out around here. Actually the bar is much lower than that for other groups.

    So after people laugh at my objections (including about how PP has spoken about the “pig ignorant”lower classes who “deserve their lot” lately as well) I am supposed to continue respectfully tip toe-ing around the fact that they are part of a tiny (and seemingly prejudiced against average Americans) minority that is dominating much of academia and elsewhere? Again something (dominating) that is BAD when white people do it, but okay when Jews do it, because of the holocaust and all?

    Sorry, until DM apologizes (like he would immediately in the case of any other group) the gloves are off. And it’s not about my feelings. It is about the terrible discord in this country, which is fueled by this attitude. And because it is never healthy when one point of view is so dominant in a diverse society.

    I wonder how many academic bloggers are Jews anyway? 50%? 70%? After all, they are so skilled at verbal pursuits!#thingsweareallowedtosayaboutjews

  65. Isabel Says:

    I meant South Asians, and TJ, Adam Sandler is not funny! He is rather the most annoying actor ever.

  66. Isabel Says:

    Pretty much, yep.

  67. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    Isabel, would you shut up about Jews, already — it’s a red herring. CPP’s real problem with respect to this thread is not that he’s Jewish (if he is) but that he’s a luddite (aka reactionary) when it comes to new technology. As you can see from this thread, we can beat him up perfectly well without bringing Semitism (or antisemitism) into it. As a Catholic, I don’t appreciate anti-Catholic (or antisemitic) remarks.

  68. Nat Says:


    Wake me when the crotchety old coot goes off on his latest “GETTE OFFA MY LAWNE!!”

  69. beatrice Says:

    What a “cultivated degeneration” of the English language and usage!.

  70. Isabel Says:

    JDB, you need to reread the thread, or maybe just find something to do? Besides being a busybody who tells other people what to post.

  71. Isabel Says:

    Also, JDB, how were my light hearted jabs “anti-semetic”? Did I say something bad about Jews? I don’t remember that part. Where’s your sense of humor? Where is your outrage about the classist remarks made here and on DM’s twitter? Get some perspective already!

  72. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    Isabel, when you rant about “the Jews” you are putting yourself on the same level as CPP — delusional ranter! Is that what you want to do?

  73. Isabel Says:

    How was anything I said delusional? And I have had patience with these dudes for two years. And they still insist that their group is off limits (or you’re an anti-semite) but lower class whites are not. Are you supporting this view? Maybe you should be addressing your comments to DM. Funny how you are focusing your lectures on me. Sorry, until I get an apology I am not going back to the little pretend game we all play.

  74. Nat Says:

    Comparing CPP’s anti-twitter rants to seeing Jews as others who benefit at the expense of “ordinary Americans” ain’t the same ballpark, ain’t the same league. It ain’t even the same fucking sport.

  75. Isabel Says:

    “who benefit at the expense ”

    never said it. Try again. Try reading the thread first.

  76. Loonabel, you’re getting on my motherfucken nerves. Either be hilarious, or I’m gonna ban your motherfucken asse. This perseveration shitte is fucken boring. The crazy jew shitte was pretty entertaining, but not this fucken dogbone gnawing gibberish. Capisce?

  77. drugmonkey Says:

    he and his buddies are mocking “rednecks” and how “inbred” they are etc hahaha.

    You got a link to that?

  78. drugmonkey Says:

    ooooooh. are you talking about #redneckgenomics?

    that’s why you are on about “the Jews”? really?

  79. Isabel Says:

    It was entertaining but not really crazy. Ban me? Hahaha go ahead. Looks like I hit a nerve!

  80. Isabel Says:

    Gee took you a while.

  81. Katharine Says:

    When last were Physioprof and DM Jews?

    Do I get to trot out the Anti-Semite stick to metaphorically whack you with on the internets?

  82. Katharine Says:

    Lol, ms. ‘Why do privileged, entitled, successful Jews like Physioprof and DM hate ordinary Americans so much?’

  83. Katharine Says:

    Are you going to call me a Jew too since I think you’re a dipshit?

    (I’m not; I’m an atheist)

  84. Katharine Says:

    ‘Looks like I hit a nerve’ is the last resort of the idiot whose argument has gone to shit.

  85. Katharine Says:

    Loonabel, I haven’t figured out whether you’re liberal or conservative by the way you hold up your near-sacred rednecks who, if they found out you were a feminist or educated (are you even educated?) or pro-choice or not racist, would probably lynch you.

  86. Katharine Says:

    I think Twitter is shit, fwiw.

    Then again I don’t like Facebook or social media in general. I only maintain a profile on Facebook because of the ease of obtaining contact information.

  87. Katharine Says:

    Taking bets on how long it takes before Loonabel screams ‘heebie’ or ‘kike’ or ‘hook-nose’.

  88. Katharine Says:

    Fuuuuuck. When did having a sense of dignity and smarts and expecting others to do so too become classist?

    Is there some segment of American liberalism that stopped having standards?

  89. Katharine Says:

    Fuck’s sake, I just took a look at that blog and that’s some fucked-up shit right there. No wonder the so-called spinster aunts are spinsters; it’s likely they think heterosexual sex is some form of oppression.

    Feminism means EQUALITY TO MEN not TURNING IT AROUND AND BASHING ON THEM and saying men can’t have a voice. Women and men have the same rights and the same status and the same worth. They are people, first and foremost, and their plumbing makes no difference in what they can achieve.

    If there was a men’s blog that did this you’d be up in arms.

    There are TONS of men I know – my father, my uncle, my best friend, several professors I’ve had – who are not sexist AT ALL, which is better than many women I’ve met who take part in the ridiculous fucking exercise of hating themselves and other women. You should not piss on your allies.

    Sexism should not occur toward EITHER sex.

  90. Katharine Says:

    New nickname for Isabel: the Anti-Sex Anti-Semite.

  91. ginger Says:

    “So opinionated in a drunk way.”

    I want that on my tombstone. (NB: I am speaking figuratively. Tombstones are silly.)

  92. ginger Says:

    Now who’s perseverating?

    Jesus, is there something in the water?

  93. Funky Fresh Says:

    Do you think Isa-Hell has goddesses? #WINNING!

  94. drugmonkey Says:


    MarkCC put up an interesting post about why being atheist and being Jewish are not necessarily incompatible.

  95. drugmonkey Says:

    Then how come you aren’t concerned about the hipsters, Isabel? Sure, I RT’d a couple of #redneckgenomics but it was the hipsters I was really going after.

    (I mean they generally don’t have jobs so they qualify for your lower economic class. And they are pretty much white. )

  96. Isabel Says:

    Because you were not saying a lower class group was inbred and other reprehensible things?

  97. Isabel Says:

    Right. A lot of name-calling, but so far no one has ventured an opinion as to why anything I said was the least bit offensive. I was just describing reality, was I not? Only Katherine was anti-semitic. And where did anti-sex come in??? From the cheerleader thing? Funny how easily words I find too repellent to even copy and paste roll off the tongues of people like Katherine and Physioprof. It’s like they are dying to say them, and they finally have an opportunity.

    Physioprof can ban me, which would be hilarious. But the cat’s out of the bag. No more protecting Jewish snobs who hate lower class white Americans with a vengeance, as these two do.

    It’s sad, this whole situation. Assholes like Glen Beck and Rush are able to use this palpable contempt to their advantage.

    I wonder how dominant “whites” would appear to be in finance, politics, academia and the arts if jews were taken out of the mix? #jewsrule

  98. Isabel Says:


  99. Isabel Says:

    How is that anti-semitic? Can you please break it down for me? Really? The constant jokes and use of pejoratives for lower class whites, Physioprof’s out of control ravings (check out Bikemonkey’s Washington Redskins post for example) are not an expression of contempt? Their comments are 1000x more offensive.

  100. Loonabel, your perseveration is boring the motherfucke out of me. You’re going on time out, and you’re not returning until you start being hilarious again.

  101. Katharine Says:

    No, Loony, it comes from the fact that you hang out on a site like IBTP that goes beyond what actually makes fucking sense and gets all ‘HURF DURF LET’S BE INANE-ASS SEPARATISTS ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS’.

  102. Editorial commentary concerning I Blame The Patriarchy is off motherfucken topic on this blogge. Any more posts on that topic will be deleted.

    I try to allow the discussion here to range far and wide, and to moderate almost nothing. BUT YOU FUCKEASSES ARE BORING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENTERTAIN ME OR SHUTTE THE FUCKE UPPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. veganrampage Says:

    Un-fucking-be-Viva-ble thread.

  104. ginger Says:

    Well, it’s a little hard to follow since the threading went away.

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