Fusilli Carbonara

March 27, 2011


one pound fusilli
quarter pound pancetta
three tbsp grated parmagiano reggiano
one tbsp grated pecorino romano
four egg yolks
one tbsp finely chopped flat-leaf parsley
salt and pepper
splash of extra virgin olive oil
two tbsp butter
third of cup dry white wine
splash of corenwijn

Cut off as much of the pure fat part of the pancetta as possible, and then cut up the meatier part into smallish pieces.

Sautee the pancetta in the olive oil and butter on medium heat until it is nicely browned, but not crispy.

Deglaze pan with splash of corenwijn and the white wine, reduce by half, and then turn off heat.

Start boiling pasta in salty water. Mix well the egg yolks, grated cheese, parsley, pinch of salt, and generous amount of fresh ground pepper.

Turn heat on pancetta back to high. Drain pasta and then mix well with the egg/cheese/parsley mixture, coating all of the noodles evenly. (Note: You can see that the egg yolk was cooking by the heat of the pasta, and it ended up pretty fully cooked. In retrospect, I would have allowed the pasta to cool a little longer, so that the egg yolk would thicken a little, but not cook.)

Pour the hot pancetta into the pasta and mix thoroughly.

Eat the shitte!!!!!!!!!

10 Responses to “Fusilli Carbonara”

  1. Historiann Says:

    That looks amazing. (Don’t you ever worry about all those carbs in pasta? Do you just eat salads for every other meal, or are you 350 pounds?)

    Please explain to me the value of the corenwijn in your pasta sauces–it seems to be your go-to deglazer/alcoholic kick ingredient of choice. How is it preferable to (for example) a splash of white or red wine?

  2. I eat much more moderately all week long.

    Corenwijn is a very flavorful booze, like a brandy or cognac, and adds flavor notes much deeper than what you get with wine. I use a splash of it along with wine to deepen the flavor.

  3. Historiann Says:

    I looked it up–I’m eager to try it but I don’t know if I can get my hands on any around here. (I’ve never looked for it before, so maybe it’s just there waiting for me.)

    Do you have a preferred or recommended brand?

  4. I use Bols 6-Year Barrel-Aged Corenwijn. To be honest, I really doubt itte’s detectably different than using brandy or cognac, once itte’s cooked into food. The first time I did itte, I was all drunke and like, “Oh, hey! Lette’s putte some motherfucken corenwijn in thatte shitte!! YEAH!! HAHAHAHA!!!!”, and it added nice flavor.

  5. ginger Says:

    In theory, if you keep a little, maybe 2T to a quarter-cup, of the pasta water and let it cool for a coupla minutes, you can add it to your egg mixture and it helps with the thickened-but-uncurdled texture you want. In practice, I get overeager and fuck it up every time and cook the damn egg in the damn bowl, so I can’t tell you if it really works.

  6. That stuff is fantastic, but in my opinion needs some scallions chopped up in it. Some people put mushrooms in (sauteed in the fat), but they are philistines.

  7. mmmm mushrooms…

  8. Isis the Scientist Says:

    Where are the fucking peas?

  9. Peas are an abomination.

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