Interviewing For Post-Doc Positions

April 1, 2011

When I interview post-doc candidates, I don’t give a single flying fucke how much they know about what we do in my labbe, other than at the broadest level. What I care about is what they know about what *they* have done previously, can talk about it intellgently and creatively, and whether they would bring an interesting perspective to our intellectual milieu.

Only the most ego-impaired douchebagge PIs give a shitte about having smoke blown up their asses by post-doc candidates concerning how detailed their study of the PI’s wonderful magnificent research program has been. I don’t need or want to hear any more from post-doc candidates than “I am interested in your lab because you work on X range of problems in Y model systems”.


6 Responses to “Interviewing For Post-Doc Positions”

  1. andrewD Says:

    I take it that you have just interviewed some post docs and was not impressed PP

  2. Why the fucken fucke would you “take” anything of the sort?

  3. In DH’s lab when he was a graduate student, the webpage was way out of date. It was always sad how out of date candidate details were. They would have been better off with just the general idea.

  4. DM Says:

    I think most advice along these lines comes from PIs fielding spammer type requests..

  5. Isis the Scientist Says:

    You’re obsessed.

  6. Yael Says:

    How important are impact factors/numbers of graduate school publications to you when you assess postdoc applicants?

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