The American People

April 8, 2011

Just so we’re clear: When America-hating far-right-wing Republican scum refer to “The American People”, they’re referring to angry selfish greedy white racist misogynist christian suburban assholes, the same dead-end slime that loved George W Bush until the bitter end.


9 Responses to “The American People”

  1. tideliar Says:

    Yeah, i think that’s right.

  2. The trend has been relentless since the Reagan years. I wrote the article below a year and a half ago but it remains relevant:

    Then again, my propensity for “delusional whining” may disqualify me from being taken seriously.

  3. ianqui Says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes. But that fact isn’t going to make me feel any better when the Dems cave and the Republicans get to defund Planned Parenthood and the EPA after all.

  4. OldLadyRocker Says:

    well said!

  5. You also forgot to add in homophobic, except for Elton John. He gets a pass for Rocket Man.

  6. K Says:

    Can it be Slap a Teabagger Week?

    My parents are losing their paychecks for an indeterminate amount of time due to these subhuman fuckheads.

  7. DrugMonkey Says:

    And when you say “America-hating, far right wing” you are being *redundant* with “Republican”, not specifying a minor subpopulation.

  8. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    My, my, sounds like somebody thinks their funding may be in jeopardy. Wouldn’t want the public teat to dry up, would we? Maybe you should have joined the military– their funding appears safe!

  9. Ernest Says:

    Let’s get serious about the US situation and help the President reduce the deficit by cutting military expense and decreasing the privilege of those with rather exorbitant economic means.

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