May 14, 2011

What kind of fucken dippeshitte lives in New York City and orders pizza from motherfucken Dominos?


9 Responses to “Ponderable”

  1. A.Anon Says:

    The same kind that lives in San Diego, and eats at Taco Bell.

  2. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    I once went into a beerhouse in Stuttgart that was proudly serving Budweiser (American version).

  3. recent Ph.D. Says:

    Wait, there’s pizza you can order other than Dominos?

  4. Isis the Scientist Says:

    The same kind that lives in San Diego, and eats at Taco Bell.

    Do not insult Taco Bell.

  5. BikeMonkey Says:

    It is not an “insult” to diss Taco Hell. Just plain truth. If it does not end in -bertos, it ain’t worth visiting.

  6. Hershele Ostropoler Says:

    Sometimes you don’t actually want pizza. That is, you don’t get Domino’s because you want pizza, you get Domino’s because you want Domino’s.

  7. veganrampage Says:

    Taste aside, the name stems from the Saint, as in Catholic, as in right-to-life, as in Operation Rescue, as in the guy that owns it supports all these lovely organizations.
    In case anyone didn’t know, I am here to serve.

    (So now that Bin Laden’s dead Al Qaeda is dead right? Just like when Christ was offed it killed Christianity. Done deal.)

  8. ginger Says:

    While Tom Monaghan is a stupendously creepy religious nutbar, he hasn’t owned Domino’s since 1998, when he sold 93% of his shares to Bain Capital.
    If you follow that link you find out what creepy shit he’s got going now – a planned city to go with his religious university, all built around his Church, in Florida.

    But of course Bain Capital was founded by creepy right-wing Mormon freako Mitt Romney, so I suppose there’s still political reasons to avoid Domino’s – but the same reasons apply to Gymboree, Guitar Center and Burlington Coat Factory. (And Clear Channel Communications, but they’re loathesome enough on their own.)

  9. They totally should have gone with Papa John’s, right?

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