Jeezus Motherfucken Fucke

May 16, 2011

Whoever were the “engineers” who designed the mechanisms for placing and positioning tables on the page in Microsoft Word should burn in the deepest hottest circle of hell for all eternity.


18 Responses to “Jeezus Motherfucken Fucke”

  1. Dr. O Says:

    I’d say the same for inserting pictures; actually for just about anything in Word. I started using Pages two years ago.

  2. Pages? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I control the workflow, I use professional page layout software, not a toy like Pages. Unfortunately, I am not in control of the workflow in this instance, which is why I am forced to use Microsoft Word for page layout.

  3. In Hell's Kitchen (NYC) Says:

    just say no to micro$oft officering !

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the only people who complain about Microsoft Word are those who don’t really know how to use it.

  5. ginger Says:

    Hahahaha! That’s awesome. Anonymous, duuuuude, I’ve been using Microsoft Word since it was called Word 3.0. It took MS until Word 2007 to work out some of the common problems with table functionality (for example, there was a command to get header rows to repeat, but it didn’t actually work consistently until that version).

    CPP is right – it is a bitch and a half to get the tables where and how you want them, even though there’s a deceptively handy-looking tab under the Table Properties menu.

  6. Namnezia Says:

    Actually pages works quite well for all my grantwriting needs. Fuck the “professional layout software”. Fuck MS Word.

  7. Sxydocma1 Says:

    I just submitted a manuscript and had to insert two tables that took up about 5 pages – it almost killed me. And, I know how to use Word. Do you think the Word “engineers” are in some sort of witness protection program?

  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    Office2010 interface sucks asse. Who the fuck redesigned the GUI for them? what the fuck was wrong with keeping it as it was?

  9. DrugMonkey Says:

    Error bars. I mean FFS, they hid the fucking error bars six fucking menus deep. Jesus fucke!

  10. beatrice Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, sweet facky DM

  11. Bob Says:

    May those that require us technical document producers to use the manure-crammed Easy-Bake Oven of Word be stricken by painful boils. Sure, LaTeX has a learning curve. So does a flush toilet; we don’t soil outselves because the lid it too hard to lift.

    Want to waste an afternoon? Replace 30 figures in a document while preserving captions. I consider myself lucky if Word doesn’t destroy my documentt when it periodically dies. We regularly produce 400 page technical reports despite using Word. It’s the wrong tool for the job.

  12. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    Look at Word as an IQ test, CPP. People with a high IQ can figure out how to place figures in Word documents. (Of course, people with a really high IQ can figure out how to avoid using Word!)

  13. Odyssey Says:

    Shouldn’t it read as follows?

    Whoever were the “engineers” who designed the mechanisms for placing and positioning tables on the page in Microsoft Word should burn in the deepest hottest circle of hell for all eternity.

  14. Sam Says:

    LaTeX for the symbol-heavy docs, or that which requires control over the minutae.

    OpenOffice for the basic, hurry-up-and-give-me-spellchecked word processing.

  15. Spiny Norman Says:

    Error bars? Are you fucking serious DM? In a MS product? Who the fuck uses ANY MS product to generate graphical data? Get a real plotting and statistics package. Matlab, Prism, Igor, Origin, or even (if you’re a real statistician or some other ideologically pure asshole) R/GNUPlot. Seriously. Any time I’m at a fucking meeting and I see the signature grey shaded plot area with horizontal but not vertical gridlines I know I’m in the presence of someone who’s definitely not a quant, and that the probability of that person being a fucking wanker is at least +25% vs. people who either use real statistical packages or at least know how to change the defaults in Excel so no one will *know* that they’re not using a real statistical package.

  16. Isis the Scientist Says:

    I like MS Office.

  17. WordPerfect forever!!

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