Comradde PhysioPhucke’s Theory Of Writing

June 2, 2011

You do most of the hard work of writing when you don’t even realize it’s happening, and then if you just relax, the shitte fucken flows. If you think of writing as something that only happens when you are sitting in front of a blank screen/piece of paper, then by the time you actually get in front of a blank screen/piece of paper, you are all tensed up and nothing happens.


12 Responses to “Comradde PhysioPhucke’s Theory Of Writing”

  1. Juniper Shoemaker Says:

    Oh, God.

  2. ginger Says:

    This has nothing to do with recipes or grantwriting, but I’m confident you Statler-and-Waldorf sorts – my people – will have a rational answer.
    I just got an e-mail off a listserv in my department for the early career researchers. The sender’s e-mail sig block includes her two latest publications, complete with hotlinks.
    Has anyone else seen that? Is this a thing, now?

  3. anonymous Says:

    Yes, what CPP says is almost always true. It actually happens to me when I am writing in Japanese. Very rarely when I use Turkish or German.

  4. Putting pubs in your sig is cringe-inducing. It’s a big neon sign flashing “I’M INSECURE!!!!”

  5. Experienced PI Says:

    Were they Science or Nature publications?

  6. Pharm Sci Grad Says:

    Thanks. I needed that reminder, seeing as how I’m busy with the writing part that doesn’t add to the page count.

  7. The sender’s e-mail sig block includes her two latest publications, complete with hotlinks.

    That made me laugh. (I hope no one I know starts doing it, but if they do, I’ll laugh some more.)

  8. JackDanielsBlack Says:

    So, the CPP theory is that writing is like taking a crap. In his case, I am sure that the results are similar, too.

  9. Nora Says:

    The hotlinks in the sig file are indeed becoming the done thing nowadays. I think our Comrade’s analysis is right on the money. And also, I agree with the writing process thing. The hard work happens in your head while you are staring at the wall or running with the dogs. Not to even mention the part that goes on when you are actually doing the work you are writing about, whether that’s Big Science, reviewing the literature, or cooking delicious risotto. The typing and editing is but a fraction of what has to happen.

  10. ginger Says:

    I really hope this doesn’t become a common thing, because it strikes me as insecure, untargeted pandering.

    As to writing – yeah, the bulk of the work definitely happens when I’m standing in the shower staring into the middle distance. But I think the really hard part is getting it onto paper, because that’s where the pressure is – hence the “just relax”, but just as in your analogy, if you know it’s going to hurt, it’s hard to relax even to the inevitable.

  11. cackleofradness Says:

    I seem to organize well in my sleep and in the shower.

  12. missouri Says:

    What a coincidence!. I do that too pretty well also in the bathtub

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