Pisco Motherfucken Sour!!!11!!1!!BEBELNYTYT!!11!!!

June 3, 2011

fill your shaker with ice
squeeze in the juice of one lemon
shake in a few teaspoons of granulated sugar
pour in a generous fucken portion of pisco
top the motherfucker up with pellegrino carbonated water (allow the fizz to disspate)

Cap that fucker up, shake the shit out of it, and pour into a martini glass, with a few shavings of leoinm peel

FUCKE YEAHJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Responses to “Pisco Motherfucken Sour!!!11!!1!!BEBELNYTYT!!11!!!”

  1. Dr Becca Says:

    A Pisco Sour has egg white in it, dude!

  2. cappafresca Says:

    Wow, that was refreshing !. Thanks

  3. Namnezia Says:

    You forgot the egg white.

    That being said, Pisco is the most vile-tasting swill ever produced in Latin America.

  4. Lame Jane Says:

    It has an egg in it!

    You try too motherfucken hard.

  5. […] of remarkably high quality, so imagine my surprise and disappointment yesterday when he posted this sad, sad excuse for a Pisco Sour. One of the defining features of this decades-old drink is its super frothy head, […]

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