Thought For The Day

June 7, 2011

It is fucken awesome when you get to the end-stage of collaboratively editing a manuscript with your trainee, and you are arguing strenuously about some wording, and your hearts are pounding and your voices are rising! That’s when you know the paper is *really* close to ready to submit!


20 Responses to “Thought For The Day”

  1. Dr. O Says:

    And that’s when you know you’re grad student is about ready to graaadeeeate.

  2. Experienced PI Says:

    And then you woke up covered in sweat….

  3. missouri Says:

    And then, what?. you go back to bed? Will you be able to sleep a little more?

  4. recent Ph.D. Says:

    So you go back to sleep and get back into the dream….only, crap!…this time your roles are reversed, and you’re now the trainee arguing with your adviser…

  5. Katharine Says:

    And then you splooge all over the journal.

  6. anonymous Says:

    sounds like being your trainee is super stressful.

  7. missouri Says:

    Particularly if the trainee dances while discussing figure’s position and numbering. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, CPP. As young as you might be, you will soon be a fucken deade mane!

  8. Nat Says:

    Why do you say that anonymous? Sounds fantastic to me. As long as people are clear as to why they feel a certain way, then I want it to be all passionate.

    I fondly remember a long, drawn out argument with my advisor over whether we should abbreviate external solution as “ES”. It was fantastic.

    By the way, the answer of course is “no”.

  9. missouri Says:

    Yes. Being passionate is key. You want also to be considerate with your neighbor labs as to not disrupt their lives with all the excitement and loud interactions over a nice, well-handed manuscript. How many times do you meet with the trainee ?, Once, twice, seven times a week ?. It depends. At any rate, a couple of museruole for the occasion(s) would do the trick and keep your neighbors productively happy.

  10. Namnezia Says:

    Nat – External solution? WTF? Nobody calls it that!

  11. Nat Says:

    We’re not in that group of people deluding ourselves that it’s really aCSF. Besides, we weren’t using cells that normally reside in non-a CSF. Were we, then CSF might be relevant, and then I’d be happy to use that as an abbreviation.

    Here’s a thought question: If you were asking someone what ions were in the aqueous media bathing the outside of their cells, would you say:

    “What’s in your ES?”


    “What’s in your external?”

  12. It’s the motherfucken bath, dumshittes.

  13. missouri Says:

    haHahahahahaha, Bravo !

  14. Nat Says:

    No, it’s not the bath. Bath exchange is for losers.

  15. missouri Says:

    Bath ?… That was a typing mistake. Comrade Physioprof might have meant waterbed…

  16. El Picador Says:

    You fukken rigjoxkeys are unbelievable….

  17. El Picador Says:

    Oh, and I’m sure Rep Wiener is similarly passionate about legislation….

  18. Nat Says:

    Really? I always thought Weiner was mostly interested in grandstanding to make a name for himself, and then running for NYC mayor.

    Not that your analogy makes any sense though.

  19. Katharine Says:


    by The Lonely Rig-Jockey


    Lock eyes from across the bench
    Raise my voice and ignore the stench
    Of the sweat I emanate
    As we gripe and perseverate
    I insist and my voice is loud
    ‘Bout the manuscript of which I’m proud
    Edits grow as ideas fly
    My stress is up and I’m going to cry
    Can hear us talk on every floor
    Next lab’s pounding on the door
    Eventually, a look in both our eyes
    Maybe we could get ourselves a Nobel Prize?
    And I

    Jizz on my ‘script

    Just got the external hard drive late last week
    It’s throwing sparks and I look like a freak
    And now I

    Jizz on my ‘script

    Don’t tell the dean or I’ll get your ass canned
    I swear this reaction was wholly unplanned
    I’m quite excitable, some would say that’s a plus

    Now I’ll go home and change

    I need a few grants to make projects run
    This proposal writing ain’t much fun
    Left me unfunded, not looking for help
    Surprise in my eyes when I got a yelp
    In my e-mail from a prospective grad
    It read like the perfect personal ad
    Never felt that I could get grants again
    But the skills? Oh shit, here’s my new best friend
    On the last line, that’s where I read it
    Said “This is what I can do, try one more edit”
    And I

    Jizzed on my ‘script

    There goes my data, I’m going to scream
    Oh no, now the desktop’s starting to steam
    I came so hard my inseam ripped and I

    Jizzed on my ‘script

    To be fair you were bragging a lot
    Plus the number of cites got me bothered and hot
    Perhaps I should put something on my desk
    Fuck yes, I’m gonna give you a paycheck

    Last week, a specific article
    It was a horrific article
    Chucked it in the reject pile
    Saw a great discovery up next and I

    Jizzed on the ‘script

    Up late in the lab when the red lights flash
    Need some energy lest my blood sugar crash
    Accidentally drink my buffer, oh no, oh fuck, and I

    Jizz on a ‘script
    Find some awesome bacteria and I
    Jizz on the ‘script
    Get to the lab and run a huge blot and I
    Jizz on some ‘script
    When my chair gave me a massive bonus I
    Jizzed on my ‘scripts
    I got tenure and I
    Jizzed on my ‘scripts
    I went to
    (Jizzed on my ‘script)
    (Right in front of the undergrads)

    I jizz right on the ‘script every time it’s next to me
    And when that switch is tripped it’s like having sex to me
    You say I’m quite the creep, I just call it ecstasy
    I wear protection at all times, it’s a necessity

    ‘Cause I jizzed on the ‘script

    Yes, I jizzed on the ‘script

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