New Knife

July 1, 2011

Last Fall, I asked my readers about knife suggestions. Well, I finally did buy a new knife. I ended up getting the Shun Bob Kramer 8-inch chef’s knife. This fucker is a motherfucken beaut!


13 Responses to “New Knife”

  1. I don’t care if you can see yourself in it or not … will it cut through a wall and then slice cleanly through a tomato? THAT would be a knife.

  2. Andrea Says:

    En plus, it is very expensive. I’d rather “cut” 105 steps ten times a day. I decided it overnight through a long sommeil. Screw pricey french cutters!.

  3. ginger Says:

    Is that interference pattern a photographic artifact, or is it a feature?

  4. Robert Says:


    Coming from Risate Prof, it could be both together !

  5. canarina Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA………….No ringe, ringo, ringi….What a Mister Ringi Ringo !!!!!

  6. jc Says:

    You’re gonna need a bigger board.
    chop chop

  7. Namnezia Says:

    How are you going to keep that fucker sharp?

  8. It has a special blade that has been forged by repeatedly folding the steel over on itself, and it requires sharpening only every couple of years (for non-daily use, such as in my case). You use a ceramic honing rod very lightly every month or so to keep the edge aligned.

  9. ah Says:

    What about Chivas Regal/Jack Daniel at a ratio 96/69, five times a day?. Would it not be sharp enough?

  10. Namnezia Says:

    So then does it need to be professionally sharpened after a couple of years, or do you have some sort of stone and oil thing going on?

  11. If you are an expert, I assume you can do it yourself. I will be making use of the services of a professional.

  12. canarina Says:


  13. BikeMonkey Says:

    Don’t cut yourself.

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