Pizza Tyme!!!11!1!!1!!

July 3, 2011



Pizza dough proofing. PhysioWife used Guy Fieri’s pizza dough recipe from his book.

To make sauce, start by sauteeing about one cup of diced onions with fresh-ground pepper in olive oil.

Add a bunch of diced garlic, at least six large cloves.

Sautee until onions and garlic are fully soft, but do not brown or caramelize.

Deglaze with a decent amount of dry white wine, about one cup, adding plenty of dried oregano.

Add three small can of crushed san marzano tomatoes, bring to a boil, and then turn heat all the way down to lowest setting, and simmer with lid closed, stirring every so often so it doesn’t burn on the bottom.

Allow to simmer at least one hour, but the longer the better.

Beat down and make the pizza dough into the pie and spread on some sauce.

Put on freshly grated fresh mozzarella cheese from a reputable source, not prepackaged shitte from the supermarket.

Put on toppings. We had french saucisson and spanish pata negra ham (from acorn-fed pigs). Scribbler was our guest, and he preferred the saucisson, so we devoted more of this particular pie to that topping.

Bake the motherfucker on your well-preheated pizza stone at 480-500 degrees until the crust is nicely golden brown! (If you have an oven that does surround heat or convection, don’t use these settings; only use traditional bottom heat. This is so that the crust has time to cook properly and become crispy without overcooking the cheese and toppings.)

4 Responses to “Pizza Tyme!!!11!1!!1!!”

  1. scribbler50 Says:

    No question about it (and damn I hate to admit it), maybe the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. And I’m not bullshittin’. Good, rich sauce, terrific toppings and special kudos to Physio Wife for the light and crunchy crust which sealed the deal. Four Gold Stars in all from this humble palate!

    (Oh, and additional kudos to the makers of Jack Daniels.)

  2. Good tip about bottom heating. I’ll have to remember that one.

  3. anon Says:

    Called my Pizza shop and order one with your suggestions. He’ll deliver it in 30-45 minutes….um… hungry… After the pleasure, i have to return to my bloody studies. Love my office. So high and quiet.

  4. Hey! Have you been reading our gmail instant messages to each other, Comrade risotto proffe? How else would you know that’s what we’ve been calling you lately?

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