All-Star Break

July 10, 2011

Fucke these pathetic blowhard sports “journalists” complaining about how baseball players who decline to attend the All-Star Game when selected are “disrespecting the fans”. Sorry dumshittes, but these baseball players know that the fans who pay their salaries by attending real games, buying merch, watching real games on teevee, and listening to real games on the radio couldn’t give a single fucken shitte about the All-Star Game.

The *only* thing they care about in relation to the All-Star Game is that none of the players on the teams they root for get fucken injured. These “journalist” fuckewaddes are pissed off because players treating the All-Star Game as a bullshitte media event for fake “fans” and to be avoided punctures *their* inflated sense of self-importance.

4 Responses to “All-Star Break”

  1. Jen Says:

    Have you been listening to Mike Greenberg again?

  2. NPR had a story on this this morning. I thought of you.

  3. Historiann Says:

    Tulowitzki! Tulowitzki! TULOWITZKI!!!

  4. I’d rather see Jeter take a break and come back and fuck up the Red Sox in the second half versus get a hit off some replacement pitcher who got lucky enough to make the NL roster.

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