Risotto Bolognese

July 17, 2011


one cup vialone nano rice (obviously, you can use arborio or carnaroli)
half pound ground veal shoulder
quarter cup diced onion
quarter cup diced carrot
quarter cup diced celery
bay leaf
salt and pepper
small splash oude genever
one third cup dry white
one pint veal stock (diluted 1:1 with water to make one quart total broth)
half cup crushed san marzano tomatoes
half cup chicken stock (I would have used veal stock, but I forgot to get some extra)
olive oil
one eighth cup grated pecorino romano
three eighths cup grated parmigiano reggiano
one tablespoon butter
two tablespoons chopped flat parsley

Sautee diced vegetables on low until carrots are nice and soft. Keep heat low enough so they don’t caramelize.

Add the ground veal, and continue to sautee on low until it is fully cooked. Then add the small splash of oude genever and the white wine, turn up heat, and reduce until alcohol is gone.

Turn back to low, add the chicken stock, tomatoes, and a bay leaf, cover, and simmer gently for at least one hour, stirring occasionally. You can start to salt while it simmers, but be careful, as the grated cheeses add substantial salt at the end.

Remove the lid and continue to simmer, reducing until the oil/fat starts to separate out at the edges.

Add the vialone nano rice and sautee for about five minutes, until the rice starts to smell toasty.

Turn heat up to medium-low and cook risotto in the usual way, ladling in the hot broth and stirring, until rice is very molto al dente. For vialone nano rice, it should take about 18 minutes. Carnaroli cooks a bit faster. Add salt as necessary, but remember that the cheeses you are gonna add at the end themselves have substantial salt in them.

Turn off heat, add parsley, cheese, and butter, and stir well to incorporate. Cover and allow to rest for about five minutes. Note that–unlike carnaroli and arborio rices–vialone nano won’t absorb additional liquid once cooking stops, so the consistency of the risotto when you turn the heat off is what you are going to get when you plate it.




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