Fact of the Day

July 21, 2011

Gibbering dumfucke Congressional Republicans objectively hate America, as proven by their gleefulness at taking the nation to the brink (and if they get their way, over the edge) of fiscal disaster, willfully destroying our global creditworthiness without any reason to do so beyond the voices they hear in their sickefucke heads. And the greedy right-wing “reasonable” motherfucken greedheads and pundits like David Fucken Brooks who have been seeding those voices for fucken DECADES because they want to save some fucken money on their taxes bear even greater responsibility. The golem they have created is now out of control.

11 Responses to “Fact of the Day”

  1. recent Ph.D. Says:

    Hehe. The “delusional anti-government Randite fuckbagges” I work for hate the Tea Party (even though they take money from them) and say that if they succeed in causing the default, every “reasonable” Republican (ahem. cough. twitch) like them should vote for Obama. There’s a sick part of me that would like to see that happen.

  2. cackleofradness Says:

    I keep writing my rep and asking him to raise my taxes. He emails back and says that we need to reign in spending and make necessary and painful cuts. I am not being represented well.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Chill CPP. America’s creditworthiness has been lamentable for a long time, but it’s kind of hard to get tough on the debtor with such an impressive gun collection.

    This debt ceiling bullshit is all just theatrics. The Republicans are just milking it for what it’s worth to them, because Obama will let them, because ultimately *the Democrats don’t give a fuck about your country either*.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Republicans are quite disgusting, but the Democrats are a lesser evil by not such a wide margin, in the scheme of things. But apparently by enough to earn your fervent support, as if they were one of your darling sports teams. Divide and conquer dude… Ever consider that maybe YOU are part of what’s wrong with America?

  4. TheGrinch Says:


    The debt ceiling is an imaginary construct. I doubt credit rating will will change at all if they fail to raise the ceiling. The creditworthiness is only a bugbear designed to harm little people while cutting the taxes for the rich.

  5. leigh Says:

    same shit happened with the government shutdown drama earlier in the year. it will undoubtedly go through at the last possible minute. all it accomplishes is a bunch of fucking around, lost confidence, a bunch of time wasted, and a whole shitton of news headlines.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh don’t get me wrong, America’s credit situation is indeed dire. I’m just saying that neither R’s nor D’s will/can fix it now. The US$ is losing its status as reserve currency regardless of what those fucknuts say/do. Truly the end of an era. I wish I could say the transition is going to be smooth and orderly, but unfortunately for all of us it’s going to be Fucken Ugly.

  7. Z Says:

    Now it has gotten even worse.

  8. Astonishment Says:

    It seems that Wu, Dem from Oregon, is making news for “unwanted sexual encounter”. This is just so stupid!. All these public figures, out of control, can’t they get a giant plastic Barbie or Kenny (according to preferences) and keep their sexual/hormonal urges to themselves in their attics?.

  9. Katharine Says:

    Astonishment, politics (both politicians and activists), business, journalism, and marketing have a tendency to draw the sociopathic.

    I don’t trust anyone in these professions even as far as I can throw them, even if they and I 100% agree.

  10. Katharine Says:

    I’m beginning to blame it on the fact that the majority of human beings simply lack the ability to do the thought required to work all this out and the ability to not only reason but think critically, from the right premises. I notice that a lot of the ‘brighter’ conservatives (and even still, that’s too generous – they’re not really ‘bright’) have internally consistent arguments based on things that are absurdly factually wrong. They are ‘valid but unsound’, in formal logic parlance.

    As if it weren’t bad enough that conservatives were idiots, even some of our own allies – other liberals – are fucking stupid.

    People I know wonder why I’m such a recluse. It’s because human irrationality frightens me, and the only irrationality I have control over is what I elicit, which I make efforts to deal with when it occurs. But I can’t whack irrationality out of other people.

    I literally cannot comprehend the depth of stupidity required for some people’s opinions. There are infinitely more ways to be wrong than right.

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