This is my shiny new blog; still smells like that new car smell. I gotta get some shit set up here: scrape that sticker off the window, put my CDs above the visor, adjust the seats, set the radio to stations I like, and so forth.Why does this blog exist? Basically, it exists because Driftglass is a pitiless bastard who caved to the caterwauling of certain unsavory elements within his commentariat (Hi, us blues, bustednuckles, blue gal, and you other bastiges!) and threw me, once a fellow commenter happily nestled in the warm Driftglass bosom, back over the transom and out into the cruel blogwilderness.What is this blog about? This blog is about PhysioProf writing about shit he find interesting, outside the constraints of the scientific and academic writing that pays the fucking bills. (And yes, I will drift back and forth between the first and third person. It makes PhysioProf laugh. Don’t like it; tough shit.)

Topics that I plan on addressing here definitely include politics, media, academia, and other blogs. Topics I may address if I feel the urge include sports, food, and anything else that tickles my fancy. As far as academic issues relating directly to biomedical research goes, I will continue to post my thoughts in that area as a co-blogger at DrugMonkey.

I am still figuring out how to work this WordPress blog thingie: choose a decent skin (or whatever the fuck you call how the blog page lookies), make a blogroll (jesus fucking joseph and mary, I swore I would shoot myself if I ever used the word “blogroll” earnestly in a sentence), and other administrative crapola I used to blithely pawn off on suckers wonderful kind souls like Driftglass and DrugMonkey. Any suggestions for how to deal with this admin shit will be happily considered.

(And for those who have commented on the “Hello World” post that used to be up here, I fucked up already and deleted that whole post, including your comments. Sorry.)

Now step in, sit down, and chill the fuck out!

27 Responses to “About PhysioProf”

  1. I love it. You fucking deserve to be on my blogroll. That’ll teach ya to grant amnesty to all and sundry. And now I, in turn, fucking demand a spot on your fucking blogroll.

    I never thought I’d find anyone (other than Maru and Undie Lib over at WTF? and the Rude Pundit) in blogtopia who swears as much as I do. Anywho. C’mon by. I’m at La Casa de Los Gatos and CultureVultures, where I blog as ThePoliticalCat.

  2. Cherish Says:

    When you’re done letting Obama have it, an RSS feed address would be nice.

  3. As an awarding winning interblogger, I’d be happy to give you Advices and Recommendations for better interblogging.

    For starters, let’s talk about Indecent Language; how the overuse thereof promotes perversions and perversities that, carried to their natural extreme, leads to the genocide of little unborn baby boys and unborn baby girls.


  4. crowlie Says:

    Hi. Wow. Followed you here from Twisty’s page and I must say it’s an interesting read.

  5. xynthia Says:

    Hello, I too am a tailgater from Twisty’s. I don’t know what it’s all about but I’m going to wander around and poke my head into the corners and if at all possible sneak into the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet. As for the swearing, I like it. Don’t ever stop like that humorless twit above advised. It’s calming and refreshing to be around another person with this swearing problem, I don’t feel like such a sad and lonely freak now. Fuck you very much, PP! Oops. You know what i meant …

  6. PhysioProf Says:

    . As for the swearing, I like it. Don’t ever stop like that humorless twit above advised.

    Thanks for coming by! And don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the Reverend Paul T. Hipple is a satirist, and is just kidding around. (Well, if he’s not, he may as well be. His Web site is totally fucking hilarious!)

  7. Lemur Says:

    Yeah, wow… I can’t tell if that Rev guy is serious or screwing around. I now fear him. But I has decided that I like your shit, PhysioProf; you’re goin’ on my sexy sexy blogroll!

  8. This is going on my blogroll; if you talk like your intro, shit, you could convince me to buy ANYTHING! What the hell did you do before blogging, train Jay and Silent Bob?

  9. […] To please Comrade PhysioProf, a pseudonymous science blogger, well, if science can be blogged anyway, I add the translation of […]

  10. Anonymous Says:

    This blog is a steaming pile of shit.

  11. God-damn, I’m liking this blog. You goin’ on the blogroll for sure.

  12. Gonzo Says:

    People who comment on that default “Hello World” post crack me up!

  13. bikemonkey Says:

    Nice change to the tagline dude. Getting kickbacks now are we?

  14. Arikia Says:

    HAHAHAHA I just noticed that it says your blog is “Powered by Motherfucking Jameson”!!! Amazing. And true.

  15. George Says:

    Love the tone, let er rip!

  16. Michelle Says:

    Don’t hate me because I’m a middle-aged, currently unemployed and under-educated housewife from a very RED Midwestern state (that causes me undue shame and frustration during almost EVERY election process), mother of three, grandmother of one, tree-hugging, charity enthusiast who really does enjoy science, the arts, and–here it comes–believes in a(n) existential, post-feminized, funkadelic, pseudo-scientific, completely UNIQUE, possibly an INDIVIDUALIZED, aesthetically-oriented, mysterious, yet approachable higher power, A GOD! There, I said it. Plus, I have ABSOLUTELY no qualms with the cussing and the angry screeds that are appearring here. (These, I’m sure Dr. Hunter S. Thompson–if alive today–would actually LOVE and probably ENDORSE, perhaps even FUND!) I’ve never blogged on ANYTHING–ever. I’m not even sure what 1/2 of these terms mean (blogroll???–same as blogsphere???), but I’m semi-old, VERY CRANKY, and in need of some adult laughs. (My husband and I just had a screaming, migraine-inducing HATEFEST. We don’t have them very often at all, but when we do, they are really of ATOMIC PROPORTIONS–with lots of toxic fall-out. He’s German; I’m Medditerranian. Got the picture?) Perhaps, next time I feel the really bad vibes coming, I’ll just tune in. TRULY–Thanks PhysioProf and other commentators. I laughed completely from the belly–even SNORTED so loud I was afraid of waking my family. Today, at least, I won’t have to stick a loaded gun to the roof of my mouth. I’ll try to remember this jaunty little blog the next time I’m feeling like an EXCREMENT STORM is brewing.

  17. veganrampage Says:

    I like you.

  18. JCtx Says:

    About the swearing…

    I was on a subway in Toronto late one night and I swear to God I saw what could have been a professional swearer. He honestly used the word “fuck” twice in every sentence he spoke, including sentences that should, by all rights, have been one word sentences. For example, if he was asked a question that, for most of us, would have elicited the response “Sure”, he would respond “Fucking sure, you fucked up bastard” or something to that effect.

    This guy was a wonder to behold and I sat in awe listening to him totally abuse the word “fuck”.

    So I say, keep up the good work, but having read a few pages of your blog, I can tell you that you haven’t reached professional swearer status yet.

  19. monado Says:

    You keep CDs above the visor? You’re going to decapitate someone! I use a kids’ nylon lunch box to keep the CD overflow from sliding around.

  20. Troy Says:

    What a foul mouthed pillar of society you are. Big man behind the keyboard..typical loser creep!!

    I see you are a mate of Al’s …figures!
    Gee he can pick quality people to work with kids..OMG! Does the school know about this. They will now…Yukk!!

    Each young blogger also gets an adult mentor and you can sign up to be a mentor if you want.

    I’m signing up! I’ll teach these little fuckers how to blog properly.

    Posted by: PhysioProf | February 22, 2008 1:08 PM

  21. Z Says:

    Have you already done a post on why you spell as you do? Curious minds want to know.

  22. Troy Says:

    Posted by: PhysioProf | February 22, 2008 1:08 PM

    Each young blogger also gets an adult mentor and you can sign up to be a mentor if you want.

    I’m signing up! I’ll teach these little fuckers how to blog properly.

    Posted by: PhysioProf | February 22, 2008 1:08 PM

    What type of creep would do say this about little kids…….alarm bells !!! Creep!!! friend of Al. U too

  23. anonymous Says:

    troy must have that reading comprehension problem typical of teabaggers

  24. Troy Says:


    Dear Anonymous…good come back Potsy.

    Another Al Upton and PhysioProf supporter- another sad and sick bit of scum…..LOL!!

  25. anonymous Says:

    Dear Troy,

    Yes, I am a PhysioProf supporter. No question about it. But I like you too. Nobody is perfect and you know it.
    Thanks for the laugh !

  26. DATS D’FAK, Jak:

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    and we riseabove to meet our Maker,
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    death, judgement, Heaven or Hell.
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    Find-out what RCIA is and join
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    Make Your Choice -SAW
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