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December 30, 2010


December 29, 2010


December 29, 2010

What Will Become of Me??

December 29, 2010

Tragic and Fateful

December 29, 2010

Vote For George O’Brien

December 29, 2010

Faculty Job Interviewing

December 27, 2010

Tenured Radical has a cool-asse poste uppe about interviewing for faculty jobbes. Some of it is specific to the aspects of humanites jobbe interviewing that is different than in the sciences, but the generalities it highlights are worth remembering for everyone.

Here are a few additional thoughts of my own:

(1) Interviewing for jobbes has a bigger relevance than just securing a jobbe. Even in the case of all the interviews you have that *don’t* lead to jobbes, they are opportunities to make yourself better known to people who control other thinges you want besides just the jobbes their departments are offering. So making a good impression is essential, and bitching about people–even if you already know you won’t get/don’t want their jobbe offer–is fucken stupid. Interviewing is just a special case of the general professional activity called networking.

(2) The single most important general principle for interviewing and all other forms of networking is that people do like to feel smart, and they don’t like to feel dumb. And if they are talking to you when they feel dumb/smart, they are gonna blame/credit you for how they feel, and they’re gonna remember this psychosocial aspect of your interaction a bajillion motherfucken times longer than they’re gonna remember the content of your disquisition on the intricacies of tavern spittoon etiquette in 17th Century Scranton.