We all know that Tim Russert is a despicable piece of shit, and that his “gotcha” gimmickry at the last Democratic primary election debate was intentionally designed to carry water for the sick depraved GOP. One particulary egregious example of Russert’s heinous agenda was his insistence that Obama “reject” certain views of “Minister” Louis Farrakhan, a demented religious douchecornet.

Now it turns out that John McCain has explicitly embraced the endorsement of “Reverend” John Hagee, another demented religious douchecornet. Hagee has said totally crazed wackaloon shit like the following (h/t Glenn Greenwald): Read the rest of this entry »

ScienceBloggers and science bloggers should give the little Babyblab fuckers a break. No need to consign them to the deepest pits of hell just because they played a prank. Yeah, they’re fucking immature douchewheels. So what? There’s no need to go getting all maudlin and shit. It’s not like they’re sick-fuck right-wing theocrat bastard wackaloons or something.

Young whelps lash out at their elders. Their elders kick said young whelps back to the curb. Thus has it always been in the past; thus shall it always be in the future.

UPDATE: Outraged Babyblab commenter Matt Penfold got down to some serious fucking wackaloonery over there:

Since the original post was intended to be an socialogical experiment the issue of informed consent of the participants comes up. It is that ethical issue you, and the author, either cannot or will not acknowledge.

As for your claim that an apology has been issued, you are not being honest. An apology has been made for anyone who thinks they were insulted, but an apology for actually being insulting and an acknowledgement that the author libelled other bloggers and set up an experiment without getting prior consent of the participants.

I called on the owners of this blog to make such an apology. They have refused. As far as I concerned lets me know that they are not professional, not honest (not even would be scientists I hope, let us all hope they fail to get their PhDs) and do not know what integrity is.

Holy fucking moly!

Yesterday, Babyblab was mocked mercilessly for their dumbfuck antics, both here and elsewhere (links collected here). Some thought they were just being plain-old goofy dumbfucks, while others thought they were just pretending to be plain-old goofy dumbfucks in order to drum up a bunch of blog traffic.

Well, today they decide to tell us that they were just performing an “experiment in social engineering”, in order to see how ScienceBloggers and the science blogoellipsoid would react to their claims. The idea is supposed to be that they are very wise, jaded veterans of science blogging, and, like, totally above the fray, and everyone who fell for it is, like, so totally PWNED! Read the rest of this entry »

Buckley Kicks The Bucket

February 27, 2008

I have already seen a few more than a few progressive bloggers being nice to Buckley because he just died, saying shit like, “He was such a brilliant man, and his ideas kinda decent. It was just that his political heirs twisted everything around and ruined it”. This is a total fucking load of horseshit. Read the rest of this entry »

Shorter Bayblab

February 27, 2008

Shorter Bayblab: “Those ScienceBlogs bastards! How dare they get paid to write entertainingly while we just sit here giving each other reacharounds!”

MSNBC is touting tonights debate: “Obama. Clinton. His words. Her voice. Who can make their case before the voters have spoken?” (With dramatic music.)

These goddamn pissant media shitheels piss me off. Can’t they even treat a motherfucking presidential primary election debate like the serious thing it is, being, you know, maybe kind of important for the future of the, you know, fucking nation!? It’s not American Idol.

UPDATE DURING DEBATE: What the fuck is up with fathead douchewheel Russert giving Clinton the third degree like he is some kind of prosecutor!? Punkinhead makes me wanna projective vomit on my own shoes.

UPDATE 2: Clinton whupped Obama’s ass on the “Green Collar” job creation gizmo. (Not that any of that crap has much chance of saving our imploding festering shitpile economy.)

UPDATE 3: Now insufferable slimy smegmatic weasel Punkinfuckface is talking over and interrupting Clinton.

UPDATE 4: I can’t watch this fucking nonsensical garbaggio any longer.

UPDATE 5: I lied. Scumsucking putrid Punkinstinkpuss has now been trying to force both Obama and Clinton into “promising” to do various shit on some kind of specific time frame. He is just beyond the pale. Fucking piece of shit.

MORNING AFTER UPDATE: Here is the first thing that popped into my head when I awoke this morning: Punkinshitbagface is a complete and utter disgrace. He is the apotheosis of the soul- and nation-destroying depths to which our national press has sunk. He should rot in the deepest hottest filthiest circle of hell reserved for those who fancy themselves journalists, but who gleefully trample on every last tenet of journalistic ethics in their feverish pursuit of personal aggrandizement.

PhysioProf has been doing some mouthing off–both here and in comments on other blogs–about how all the sniping and knee-capping of Barack Obama coming out of the Clinton campaign is just her out-of-control desperate campaign staff, that the “real” Clinton is the one who said, seemingly sincerely, at the end of the last debate that she is “honored to share the stage” with Obama. Well, the Clinton campaign is continuing to sling some nasty shit at Obama, which you can find trivially for yourselves. Read the rest of this entry »


PhysioProf has been awarded two “E for Excellent” blog awards! One from Blue Gal (Hiya, Sweetie!) and one from Mike the Mad Biologist (‘Sup, Dude!). This means I am double fucking excellent! I am hereby awarding an E for Excellent to the following fine bloggers (in alphabetical order):

Alternate Brain

Barefoot Bum

Brilliant at Breakfast

Earth-Bound Misfit

Field Negro

Last Left B4 Hooterville

Ornery Bastard

Salt in Water

Secundum Artem

Yackety Yak

All of these blogs are totally fucking excellent, so go check them out!

Many bloggers believe that encouraging young people to blog is a total fucking mitzvah. PhysioProf has used this very platform to bring attention to the blog of a group of progressive high-schoolers. Even elementary and secondary school teachers have begun to incorporate blogging into their curricula, and that kicks ass.

However, this thread over at Coturnix demonstrates that there are at least some teachers who are totally fucking clueless about what blogging is all about, and why it is so great to get students blogging. You can check it out, or just let me recap the wacky bullshit for you below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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