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With last week’s win in the second meat course, Dr. Isis the Scientist has clinched victory in the Recipe War. Comrade PhysioProf bows in abject submission to her Domestic Goddesshood.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, we will still continue with the two dessert course battles, because we love our readers and want to please them with our delicious recipes.

Comrade PhysioProf has been meme-tagged (god I hate that fucking word) by kind, beautiful, and exceedingly intelligent blogger Renegade Evolution. Here’s the dealio with this motherfucking meme:

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Here’s the six random things about Comrade PhysioProf:

(1) Comrade PhysioProf hasn’t read a novel since White Jacket by Herman Melville about ten years ago.

(2) Comrade PhysioProf has no problem consuming a beverage after fishing a fly or other bug out of it, but if it contains an unidentifiable speck or detritus, forget about it.

(3) Comrade PhysioProf sleeps more comfortably on the floor than in bed.

(4) Comrade PhysioProf watches essentially no teevee except for sports and Project Runway.

(5) Comrade PhysioProf hates parades.

(6) Comrade PhysioProf always goes commando.

I tag the following bloggers: Abel Phuckwit, DoucheMonkey, Isis the Scientit, BioE, Professor in Training, Chemical BiLOLogy, and DrDrA. (Yeah, that’s seven. Too fucking bad!)

The motto of the McCain/Palin campaign–“Country First”–is a despicable smear, and is indisputable evidence that the deepest core of the McCain/Palin campaign is built on hateful lies about Barack Obama. “Country First” as a political motto has no meaning except in distinction to an opponent who would not put “Country First”. If implying that Obama would not put “Country First” is not the meaning of the motto, then it is about as stirring as “I Wanna Be President”.

It will hopefully turn out to be a delicious irony that the depraved right-wing scuzbuckets who orchestrated the smears of McCain in the 2000 primaries, and who are orchestrating smears for him now, will have fucked McCain a second time. First they fucked him by smearing him, and now they are fucking him by goading him into throwing away whatever shreds of humane credibility he may have ever had. If McCain loses this election, he will be wholly discredited as a “transpartisan” or “maverick” or whatthefuckever.

I rarely watch anything at all on teevee other than sports and Project Runway, but last night I happened to be home and put on Keith Olbermann. He was discussing a comment made by sick-fuck extreme far-right-wing racist misogynist theocratic secessionist traitor Sarah Palin concerning biomedical research:

Where does a lot of that earmark money end up anyway? […] You’ve heard about some of these pet projects they really don’t make a whole lot of sense and sometimes these dollars go to projects that have little or nothing to do with the public good. Things like fruit fly research in Paris, France. I kid you not.

Olbermann got this exactly correct, having apparently been briefed by his research staff on the undeniable fact that basic research in non-mammalian model organisms such as nematode worms and fruit flies (actually, the Drosophila flies used for research are not really fruit flies, and do not eat ripe fruit, only rotten) have led to extraordinarily important advances in our understanding of human biology and disease.

Not suprising that Palin and her staff simply do not care about the truth at all! Their only purpose is to fire up the cadre of depraved moral and intellectual degenerates that make up the base of the Republican Party. These are people for whom the reference to “Paris, France” alone is enough to get their lizard brains firing on all cylinders. These sick motherfuckers have never been to Paris, France, know nothing about it, but they do know that it’s really, really bad or something. The GOP is not even pretending to make sense anymore; they know their only chance to win this election is to get those lizard-brain neurons firing.

So, I was very pleased to see that Olbermann got this right. But what I was annoyed by was Olbermann going on and on and on about how dumb and slimy and lying Bill O’Reilly is. I know these two dudes have a feud going, and that O’Reilly is a truly heinous despicable hateful individual. But it’s a little unseemly for Olbermann to go on and on and on about O’Reilly ad nauseam, and demonstrates a slight lack of gravitas. The people watching Olbermann already know O’Reilly’s a lying shitbag, and the people who don’t know O’Reilly’s a lying shitbag sure as fuck aren’t watching Olbermann.

If Olbermann wants to rant and rave like that, I suggest taking it on blog. This way, the people who enjoy that kind of thing can enjoy it to their hearts content, while those watching Olbermann for news analysis don’t have to listen to this kind of stuff. (Personally, I enjoy the anti-O’Reilly ranting, but I just don’t think it is a good programming choice for Olbermann’s show.)

UPDATE: So it turns out that Palin was talking not about basic biomedical research using Drososphila melanogaster, but about practical agricultural research on a true fruit fly that fucks with olive trees in motherfucking California!! And they do the research at a USDA research station in France because the French have been dealing with these pests for a fuckload longer than we have!!

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! These dumbfuck right-wing scuzbuckets can’t even target their deranged smears properly! Californian olive farmers are REAL AMERICANS!!!!11!!!1!!!!11!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!11!!!

Best UK Punk Song Ever

October 24, 2008

Discuss, motherfuckers!

Who gives a flying fuck about Sarah Palin’s expensive wardrobe? It is only a distraction from the vastly more relevant fact that Sarah Palin is an extreme far-right-wing sick-fuck misogynist racist theocratic anti-American secessionist scuzbucket traitor.

Comrade PhysioProf is still giddy from his decisive win over Dr. Isis the Scientist in the First Meat Course. This week, Comrade PhysioProf has prepared Pork Chops Stuffed with Cheese and Prosciutto in a Mushroom Sherry Sauce. All the details and shit are inside the crack. Read the rest of this entry »

Fuck Colin Powell (UPDATED)

October 19, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s teh awesome that Powell has endorsed Obama, and might help him with military voters and, specifically, in Virginia. But for fuck’s sake, do we really need to suck the head of his motherfucking cock while lovingly stroking the shaft!?!? This lying motherfucker is an opportunist through and through. He has the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands. He’s a slimy right-wing rat deserting a sinking ship. He’s just maneuvering for some kind of cabinet position in an Obama administration. Jesus motherfucking christ! How about sucking the dicks of some indefatigable real progressives, and not these turncoat GOP flee-fuckers?

UPDATE: Well fuck me in the ass:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says that former secretary of state Colin Powell is welcome to campaign for him and might have a place in his administration.Powell crossed party lines Sunday and endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Obama told NBC’s “Today” show Monday that Powell “will have a role as one of my advisers.” Whether Powell wants to take a formal role, Obama said, would be “something we’d have to discuss.”

Moral Sense Test

October 19, 2008

Eric Schwitzgebel (a philosopher at U.C. Riverside) and Fiery Cushman (a psychologist at Harvard) have designed a “Moral Sense Test” that asks respondents for their takes on various moral dilemmas.  They’re looking to compare the responses of philosophers and non-philosophers, so they’ve asked me to post a link to their test from this blog.  They say that people who have taken other versions of this test have found it interesting to ponder the moral dilemmas they ask about.  The test should take about 15-20 minutes and can be found at