May 30, 2009

14 Responses to “Covered!111!!BAJILLION!11111!!!”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    *jumps up and down*
    Tag me! Tag me!!!!!111!!

  2. That was…. different.
    You sure are an excitable feller, ain’t ya?

    Peace dude.

  3. *jumps up and down*
    Tag me! Tag me!!!!!111!!


  4. Gonzo Says:

    Oops forgot:
    Terrible song, but great percussion. (Poor roadies who have to carry the “equipment”.)

  5. juniorprof Says:

    Dude, that’s some totally fucked up shit there!! Are they Finnish?

  6. That is awesomely bad. I second gonzo.

  7. Arlenna Says:

    Is this a best or a worst? I think it’s pretty awesome.

  8. Nan Says:

    Norwegian, not Finnish.

  9. jc Says:

    HA! That’s EXACTLY how I feel about my stove. I might bash something if someone says “turn around.”

  10. Larue Says:

    Oh, they’re Finisshed, allright . . .

    Damn I shoulda KNOWN not to trust Busted to watch that link . . . 😉

    Well, at least you didn’t post this:

    Jus sayin . . .

  11. Arikia Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh noooooooooo :-/

  12. BikeMonkey Says:


  13. Don’t make me sic DarkBlack on yer asses.

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